Lipton Ice Tea Art Series

Limited Edition Lipton Ice Tea Art

I have always loved collecting and trying to gather up collections random artistic items. Anything from small toy collections, to old gaming cards, and to various limited edition items .A few months ago I was in a gas station making a quick stop to grab something to drink when I ran across these Lipton Ice Teas. They weren’t just your regular Lipton Ice Teas with the usual graphics of tea flowing out everywhere. This was an Lipton Ice Tea Art Series with some pretty sweet artist work. 

These special Lipton Ice Teas all had their unique designs, with different flavors and all. Each one was a designed by a different artist. They’re pretty cool in my mind, kind of along the same lines as the Mountain Dew artist series. But since I’ve started collecting them I’ll show you what I’ve gathered so far. I’m not exactly sure how many there are. 

As I make more random stops at the gas stations or supermarkets I’ll try to see if I can find em all and post em up here. Stay around!

Lipton Ice Tea ArtLipton Ice Tea ArtLipton Ice Tea Art






Anson Zong-Liscum

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