Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review

Which of the Two Most Demanded Sneaker Brands Fit Best for Your Lifestyle?

A Look at the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review

Golden Goose and Common Projects Comparison Review

Sneakers have now become a part of everybody’s daily outfit. From suits to business casual to just a walk with the dog, sneakers have essentially become the go-to shoe for everyone. You’re probably thinking your adidas or Nikes may be your go-to which is absolutely fine. However, this is geared towards the designer realm than to the athleisure world, two completely different customers. There is a big difference between the two categories on how they fit people’s everyday lifestyles and the buying decisions. This comparison review specifically brings to light two designer brands that continue to float to the top of most recommended and desired brands out there. This is the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review.

I currently own both brands and can say that both have become my go-to options out of my footwear selection (which is somehow always expanding). I own two pairs of both Golden Goose and Common Projects, each fitting different needs and outfits. At this point, I have owned both brands for a couple years and feel that I can make a confident comparison between the two brands and hopefully guide your shopping process on which to buy. If you haven’t seen, I have written reviews of both the Golden Goose Superstar and Common Projects Achilles Low to get a detailed analysis of my thoughts on both. So lets jump right into the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review.

I Need Comfort. Which is Better from a Comfort Level?

This is one of if not the most asked question when anybody asks for any footwear to try on. What is more comfortable? I figured we might as well start off the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review with this question since it may be the instant decision maker for you.

Golden Goose

The honest answer is that they are both comfortable shoes. Both shoes are handmade with superb Italian craftsmanship and materials. Both important factors for people who invest into their shoes on a regular basis. However, from an anatomical standpoint, Golden Goose will win this category. If you’ve never tried this, pull out the insole of your Golden Goose and take a look at the hidden wedge built within the insole. Many have never noticed this hidden feature within their Golden Goose shoes. The insole cups your heel securely and gives it a lift which helps with your all-around, all-day comfort.

Golden Goose Insole Support

Common Projects

Taking a look at the insole of your Common Projects, you’ll now notice that they don’t pull out. They are pretty flat like most designer-focused brands are with just a soft layering of cushioning built within the insole. This isn’t to say that the Common Projects aren’t comfortable as I can wear mine all day with no problem, but they won’t give you the same support foundation as a Golden Goose will. Now everybody’s definition of comfort is different, but from a standpoint of being both comfortable and supportive for the foot, the category goes to Golden Goose.

For $500 Sneakers What is the Better Quality Shoe?

Neither of these shoes are cheap options, but if you’re looking at these designer level brands you should have expectations of dropping around this amount. Why? Yes, the branding is a big part, but you’re also getting the quality and uniqueness of each shoe. If you’re looking at dropping $100 or less on a sneaker then you’re probably looking at a shoe to last you a season if you wear it hard. Before you know it you’re back buying another pair online wishing you’d bought a better quality shoe.

Golden Goose vs. Common Projects Heel Comparison

Common Projects

With the way I’ve worn my four pairs hard for the last couple years I’d probably be on the 3rd and 4th pair of replacements by now. Instead, both brands are still lasting amazingly well with just some wear showing in the back heels of my Common Projects. The Common Projects use a Margom sole, what is widely considered in the industry one of the most durable rubber soles out there. Guys are pretty tough on their shoes and the Margom soles on my Common Projects have definitely endured a lot. From being on my feet at work for extensive periods and hopping around downtown on the weekends, they’ve went through quite a bit with me. Just recently, I noticed the back heel of my red, nubuck Common Projects Achilles Low starting to wear a tad. However, they’re still going to last me a couple years.

starting to wear a tad. However, they’re still going to last me a couple years.

The leather is also amazingly comfortable on the Common Projects. Yes, some people have said they had to break them in because they do run narrow. However, once you have broken your Common Projects in you’ll be a tough spot to find anything more comfortable. The leather is of great quality and the all-around construction of the shoe with the Margom sole is second to none. Just show the leather a little of TLC here and there and they’ll taken on all the next challenges you throw at them.

Golden Goose and Common Projects Side Comparison

Golden Goose

Golden Goose are in a unique class of their own within quality standards. With a leather exterior and mostly Terry-cloth inliner on the inside, the construction is different from most sneakers.

What many people will criticize is the exterior and if the pre-distressment is considered a quality shoe. Some buyers will tell you to just go scuff up your $50 Converse for the exact shoe. Others who can appreciate the unique aspect of every pair of Golden Goose will know the quality standards implemented within the construction of each individual shoe. The shoes are still Venetian-made and individually distressed at the end in a Golden Goose Sneaker Lab for its own individual flair. The soles are not Margom soles, but seem to hold up very well. Golden Goose also use a mixture of materials within their construction which may bring the overall construction durability of the shoe into question.

Golden Goose Terry Cloth Lining

From the quality standpoint on what most people will appreciate and from my own personal years over the use of this brand, Common Projects will the W in this category. At this point of the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review, both have a win.

A Fashion Standpoint

Golden Goose

Many consider this the blogger shoe brand right now. Yeah AllBirds and adidas have gotten some of the mainstream media love, but within designer level brands Golden Goose has definitely captured the spotlight. Each shoe is uniquely distressed and each has an individual number for the set amount made. Most Golden Goose that come out are of a limited assortment, not meant to be reproduced giving you that extra individual look that many will not be able to replicate if ever.

Golden Goose Comparison Review

For some that’s a big deal wearing items that have more of a collectors appeal and creates a sense of scarcity. This can definitely be under appreciated this as many styles from designers are released once never to be released again. Later on someone will ask you where you got your shoes only to realize that they probably going to go on a wild goose chase trying to locate it. Golden Goose is of a discrete status level and many fashion-conscious customers will recognize this.

The distressment and mixture of materials with the iconic four-star logo will stand out to people who live in the footwear world. People recognize this newer, hidden designer brand without having to scream it out there for everybody to notice. Customers will also know if they can confidently wear a Golden Goose shoe with their wardrobe and being able to showcase that it’s not a Converse they’re wearing.

Common Projects

The minimalistic approach from Common Projects was a category that Common Projects essentially started up. From a clean-cut, simplistic silhouette that any guy could wear with an outfit of his choice, Common Projects has really dominated in this area. The subtle golden glazed serial number on the side of every Common Project gives it its own status symbol for people to notice.

Common Projects Achilles Low Review

Most people will probably slide with the Common Projects for their first designer level sneaker. Its simple but luxurious, and doesn’t scream the designer attention that many designer brands get right into it. I believe it’s a good starting base into the designer world and many guys will find this to be a versatile option that they will continue staying true to the brand with.

Both brands bring different factors to their customer’s fashion lifestyle. While they are both understated designer level brands, Golden Goose represents more fashion forwardness that customers will consider trendier and relevant as part of their everyday outfit. Common Projects have their niche that many guys appreciate, but doesn’t bring the same fashion statement as a Golden Goose shoe will to an outfit. For this Golden Goose does win from a fashion standpoint.

Winner of Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review?

In the end, both Golden Goose and Common Projects are amazing brands, bringing their own unique flair to the designer footwear market. Every customer has thousands of sneaker styles to choose from, but both these brands have continually stood out from the masses to acquire their followers. While I recommend having both brands as part of your footwear collection, I do appreciate my Golden Goose for the fashion forwardness they bring to just a typical everyday outfit. Whether it be for work or just hanging out, Golden Goose bring an elevated approach to your wardrobe and portray a different level of confidence.

Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review

In this case, if I end up purchasing another sneaker from the two brands it would be a pair of Golden Goose. If we end up going with just another shoe from the two brands, then that would have to be part of a new comparison. I would love to hear your thoughts on the Golden Goose Common Projects Comparison Review!

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