Footwear Marketing Video Ads – January 2017

Footwear Marketing Video Ads – January

Filling Pieces – “Let Us Create”

Here’s the latest gathering of footwear marketing video ads I found interesting enough to share with you all.

Filling Pieces recently released a couple videos showcasing the production process of some of their footwear. The “Let Us Create” campaign is part of the upcoming season’s release. The campaign marketing video shows a male and female model wearing around the new Filling Pieces released in Madagascar. The Amsterdam label continues to expand out and further represent themselves in new markets as they continue to grow. Check out the latest Filling Pieces for yourself.

Filling Pieces Spring/Summer 2017 – LET US CREATE #2 from Filling Pieces on Vimeo.

Filling Pieces Spring/Summer 2017 – LET US CREATE #2 from Filling Pieces on Vimeo.

Filling Pieces – Spring/Summer ’17 – LET US CREATE from Filling Pieces on Vimeo.

Adidas and Parley: From Threat To Thread

Adidas continues to dominate headlines with its Yeezys, NMD, and Boost lines. However, one line that seems to be forgotten behind the scenes is its collaboration with Parley. The eco-conscious project brings about the issue of plastic and its contamination of the oceans. The project aims to reutilize the ocean plastic waste and make it into new Adidas shoes. 11 million plastic bottles into a million new Adidas shoes? I think we can all contribute a little bit in helping our ecosystems survive and in keeping the oceans clean. A beautiful project with a splendid goal in mind. The collaboration shoes look pretty sweet as well.

Tod’s – “Ferrari Collection”

Shoes inspired by the luxury car model, the new Tod’s Ferrari Collection hasn’t changed much with the standard driving moccasin. This year’s take one again takes the deep racing red color and black secondary shades to bring out as much resemblance to the Ferrari. As the collection does take on other colors, the style and Ferrari horse logo basically remain the same. The biggest differences would be the slightly updated vamp, and uniquely designed insole that coincides with the leather seating. But for those who want to combo with their car, here you go.

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