Fashion Marketing Video Ads – Feb

Fashion Marketing Video Ads

Canada Goose x Wings + Horns

Here is the the recent roundup of fashion marketing video ads I’ve discovered. The first one is a collaborative effort between two Canadian based fashion retailers in Canada Goose and Wings + Horns. Canada Goose is of course known for their highly durable and comfortably warm parkas that are built to resist the harsh Canadian winters.  Wings + Horns is a local Vancouver based streetwear label that has released some creative products in the past. Here is a a recent collaborative product release by the two showcasing a new parka.

Hermès – Zebra Pegasus

Hermès seems to have started recently doing video campaigns for limited edition or collaborative designs with other artists. This is one of those such video ads that showcases the Zebra Pegasus. The Zebra Pegasus is actually a cashmere and silk shawl designed by Alice Shirley (some designer who no one probably knows of yet). Want to take a shot at the price tag of this one-of-a-kind shawl? Dish out an easy $1,175 and its all yours. I didn’t really find this video ad a great representation for showcasing the actual product, but more of a buzz creator on the new theme. Does it get you curious as to what the Zebra Pegasus product is all about?

John Varvatos – Peace Rocks

John Varvatos has always incorporated the “rock star” element within their brand and has once again connected with a lead rock star musician to represent the brand. This time Ringo Starr heads the video campaign for the John Varvatos Fall/Winter 2014 campaign. Watch the actual video though and you will see a number of other big-time rock band artists all showcasing their heritage and culture with the rock scene. In the end its what John Varvatos finds as a big branding culture of their roots within the company. #Peacerocks

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