Cyclus Pangolin Backpack, Carry Your Own Pangolin

The Cyclus Pangolin Backpack

Bet You Have Never Seen a Backpack Like This


Cyclus Pangolin Backpack

The Cyclus Pangolin Backpack; Image Via: mypangolin.com

Perhaps one of the most unique backpacks you may ever come across, the Cyclus Pangolin backpack brings about a new style for carrying all your belongings. While being creatively stylish, the Pangolin backpack was also created by some very eco-friendly minds over at Cyclus. The company itself has a remarkable story on their buildup and has discovered their constructive niche in reutilizing rubber tires. Backpacks and rubber tires, who would have ever guessed?

The backpack encompasses all recycled material. It is made up entirely of old recycled, inner tubes of trucks and nylon throughout the inside. This in turn makes the bag extremely durable and gives it the rugged aesthetic look it carries. This would be suitable for a variety of situations and outdoor activities that you may decide to venture along with it. I would probably just avoid extreme heat, as we all know the heat and rubber get along very well.

The Cyclus Pangolin Backpack Design

The Cyclus Pangolin was cleverly designed by using a retracting method that consist of three magnetic flaps. Each of these slide down in a curve as you open up the backpack. An armadillo’s scaled and hardshell back is what it closely resembles. Inside you will find ample storage and more than enough space for all your belongings. On top of all the unique features the Cyclus Pangolin brings, the backpack is all hand-stitched in Colombia giving it an even more customized feature to appreciative of.

Looking for a more than rugged backpack that carries its own sense of creativity and is going with the eco-friendly trends?  The Cyclus Pangolin definitely fits that mold. The company has since spread out and brought along other baggage products to their lineup. Check out their wide array of products on their website and the Pangolin backpack. 

Cyclus Pangolin Backpack


Cyclus Pangolin Backpack

Cyclus Recylced Purse


Cyclus Recycled Purse

Photos Via: mypangolin.com 

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