The Hunt For Yeezys: A Look At The Yeezy Zebra Review

Dive Into the Latest Yeezy Zebra Review

The Once Rare Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra

Yeezy Zebra Review

I finally got my hands on one of those Yeezys everybody seems to clamor about. To be specific I landed the Yeezy 350 V2 Zebra. I will say they are definitely the hot commodity on the sneaker market and live up to the hype on how difficult they are to land. Anywhere from online, to apps, to raffles the chances are slim. If you haven’t gotten your hands on any yet or seen them in person then you’ll want to read into my Yeezy Zebra Review. The Yeezy Zebra Review is on the latest model up to date.  Now that I’ve got my own pair, here’s what I have to say with the Emploom Yeezy Zebra Review.

Yeezy Zebra Review

Halfway through 2017 we have so far seen three different Yeezys: The Bred (Red and Black), Cream (All white) and the Zebra (Zebra’s are black and white right?). The Yeezy Zebra has been the attention grabber however and is definitely the loudest of all the releases thus far.

Start Digging In With the Yeezy Zebra Review

My initial thoughts on the “Zebra” pattern? I don’t know what to think. It’s ugly and I understand how people come across that, but it’s also different. Where else would you find a pair of Zebra print shoes like this? Maybe in the high-end designer shoe realm, but for sneakers from sportswear brands such as Adidas? Not often. The shoes however do grow on you after you own them for a while. My friends’ said the same thing and they’ve all ended keeping their pairs. If you have one I believe the design will grow on you too.

Yeezy Zebra Review

All In the Boost

Everybody swears about the comfort level of the Yeezys and that is no exception. The Boost sole definitely gives you that extra comfort and the shoe overall just provides that instant fit. It’s all in the Boost sole as the insole is pretty thin and can’t be given much credit. The Boost sole itself has a striped pattern built into the sole that wraps around the whole bottom layer. It does add a sense of movement to the overall silhouette of the shoe.

What’s interesting is that the back heel part of the sole has a slightly darker contrast in one section. The color melds with the bottom sole color which gives it a slightly interesting look I guess. I have no idea as to why they designed it that way, but it breaks it up. If you want to see other adidas with Boost soles check out my review on the adidas Ultraboost Uncaged.

Yeezy Zebra Review

Now for the upper and the Zebra itself. You’re not going to miss the supply trademark logo on the outside of the shoe. In bright red and looking like a size 50 font just plastered on the side of a shoe. I never really digged the look but it is what it is. The outside part of the shoe is mostly taken over by a thick white underlying strip with speckles of black and white surrounding it. Obviously the center of attention being on the logo.

Yeezy Zebra Review

As you tilt the shoe towards the inside you’ll really start to notice the power of the Zebra come out. It’s more refined black and white lines come right out and is what I think the best part of the shoe print. Everything starts to become a mash-up pile of black and white around the toe box area. And for that stitching done right up the front middle of the shoe? No thank you.

Yeezy Zebra Review

Any Sign of adidas?

The heel area is where some of the nice details of the shoe start to emerge. The heel grip system is actually a nice feature for both functionality and style.Grab that sweet heel tab and glide your fit in. I really enjoyed the black stitching pattern that scans across the whole tab. The Yeezy Zebra would definitely feel like it was missing something if it wasn’t there. You’re probably wondering if there’s any hint of adidas partaking within the shoe. Snuggled within the shoe itself on the heel you’ll see the famous three white stripes. There’s actually quite a bit of cushion in the back too.

Yeezy Zebra Review

So my favorite part of the shoe itself. It’s actually the whole lacing system and the tongue area. There’s no real eyelets for the laces to go through. Instead its just small hole punctures through the woven fibers. It really just molds in with the whole overall vibe of the shoe.

Yeezy Zebra Review

The tongue is a nice feature as well. It’s basically just like a slip-on moccasin. It does nothing with the overall fit of the shoe itself, just for the aesthetics. I actually like how it holds itself straight up and is just one piece of the shoe upper. And there is no logo on it. Something different indeed.

Is it worth the purchase?

Well, that’s what I have for the Yeezy Zebra Review. It’s a different shoe and has basically revolutionized the sneaker market since its release. Everybody wants a Yeezy these days and I don’t blame them. If you can snag it at a retail price then scoop it up. Is it worth the purchase for resell? I would say yes to a certain price extent, I think everyone will enjoy having one of these rare shoes in their shoe closet. Good luck on snagging pair from the next release!

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