Are the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas Worth the Hype?

The Black Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas Did Not Sell Out

Is this a Signal of Certain Yeezys Being Overhyped?

Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

It just seems like a never-ending calendar of sneaker releases every month. The newest adidas, the rarest Nike, the next big collaboration, there is always something new to keep the sneakerhead engaged. While not as frequent, the Yeezy releases are always some of the most hyped up and talked about releases. Where is the shoe being released? Where are the online raffles? It’s always a headliner and almost always sells out. However, the most recent release, the black Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas did not exactly sell out. Is this the start of something with the brand being oversaturated or losing its steam of appeal?

Initial Thoughts

Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

Companies have to continue rolling out new models and styles that consumers think is the next “must have” for their shoe wardrobe. There is a lot of competition out there as well. For Yeezys it’s probably the Pharrell lines that continue to be instant sellers. adidas did its research and definitely lined up the right collaborations to design shoes with. It’s good to have some internal competition.

Yeezys continue to dominate on their releases, specifically with the Yeezy Boost 350 releases. One color after the other they continue to sell out. The Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas was a hit when it released as well. adidas went back to the retro looks, specifically looking at some original Reebok silhouettes and made a Yeezy model. We’ve seen a white, a grey, and now a black. The difference? The black model was still available online when I checked on the adidas website at 9:30am. The release was an hour and half ago, yet there were still sizes available. Are people over the style or just over the model? As I had yet to see a Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas in person I figured I’d buy a pair and see for myself.

It’s Not the Same Yeezy

Exactly as the title says. When you think Yeezy you think of the Yeezy Boost series and have that splurge of excitement upon opening the box. With the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas it’s just not there. The box packaging is different, just a regular blue originals adidas box, nothing that screams exclusive at you. The biggest disappointment to me was unraveling the tissue paper and looking at what seemed like an Walmart in-house designed sneaker. This was the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas that people were initially all shouting as another “must have?”

Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

Yes it was pretty big disappointment and immediately clicked as to why this shoe was still available after the initial release time. It looks and feels like a common, cheap sneaker. People bought one of the initial colors and thought one was enough, “I’ll stick with the dad shoe trend this one time.” I think the shoe was completely overhyped for the specific model and people just didn’t have the same interest for this shoe anymore. Other Yeezy lines add a different take to the sneaker whether it be the Boost sole technology or the very unique silhouette of the shoe itself. Yes, the adidas Yeezy Powerphase is basically a updated tweak on the Reebok classic shoe. One or two releases of the same shoe may do, but the third time has overdone it.

Complete Downgrade on Quality

Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

Quality will always be a big factor when a consumer goes through the “post-purchase” stage. Is this shoe worth the $120 I just spent on it? Does this shoe seem like I’ll get $120 use out of it? This shoe just does not do it. As mentioned the leather feels and actually smells cheap. For real shoe dogs out there, you can always tell the smell of a cheaply made shoe.

The finishing touches are not there either. Thread is loose in areas throughout the shoe and the rubber doesn’t look like it was finished completely in areas of the sole. The shoe tags even had what looks like the spray dye of the leather covering parts of it. It just doesn’t live up to the standards of what we’ve seen with other Yeezy other releases. To me it doesn’t seem like a shoe made to all adidas standards and magically got the last-minute check off past.

Last Minute Remarks

Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas

If there’s anything I found positive to the shoe it’s that it does fit the model of a retro sneaker. Simple silhouette, small logo, and comfort based. The shoe wasn’t too bad on the comfort level, but I would probably go up a half size if I were to keep this shoe. If you’re going for that retro sneaker look this is probably among the better designs out there. It does bring in some slight modernistic elements that give it a little bit more pop.

I think Yeezys are still great shoes but that the Yeezy Powerphase Calabasas line has found its end. It just doesn’t quite match up to the expectations of other adidas Yeezys and from the quality standpoint it pretty disappointing. There are tons of better options out there than this shoe if you’re looking for something similar. This shoe was definitely overhyped and I think (hopefully) will be the end and start to a new line. If you haven’t yet check out my review of the Yeezy 350 Boost line.

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