Vince Camuto Oxford Shoe Review

Thought Vice Camuto Only Did Women’s Shoes?

The Vince Camuto Oxford Shoe Review Gives a Glimpse into the Men’s Line

Vince Camuto Oxford

I thought the first thing when I decided to branch out a bit into the realm of other shoe brands. I am one of those people that don’t like seeing my own shoe on other people. Yes, I’m a bit of a snob here. The more exclusive the better. This also tends to showcase in my brand preferences as well and I’m sure there are people out there in the same boat. So, I decided to venture into one of the powerhouse brands out there that usually take over a chunk of a shoe floor. This one being one that usually has a vast selection of women’s shoe options, Vince Camuto.

They produce men’s shoes? Yes! As a matter of fact they do and it seems there are just as many options for men as there are for women. I did some browsing online and wallah. A Vince Camuto Oxford, Vince Camuto Loafer, Vince Camuto Derby, they make em all in a ton of styles. The one that caught my eye and which I decided to click the purchase button on was a Vince Camuto Oxford, the Tarby. A sleek looking Wholecut Oxford shoe.

Outside to Inside

One of the biggest things I always look at to sort of get a first judging of a shoe brand is the shoe box. It’s usually a good indicator and reflection of the contents within. A well designed out shoe box usually means your chances are pretty good with the shoe as well. The Vince Camuto shoe boxes from the outside are all the same. Vince Camuto logo on top of dark grey box. Upon opening the box a nice royal blue undertone on the bottom of the lid. An eye catching color and a nice comparison from the deep pink they usually have on the bottom of women’s shoe boxes. To me they put a little thought into it so lets see if the shoe is just as eye catching. Wholecut Oxford? I hope so.

First Glimpse of the Vince Camuto Tarby

Vince Camuto Oxford

First hands one experience with the Vince Camuto Tarby was very good. The leather felt super soft and seemed like it would be very comfortable right off the bat. Usually the softer the leather the easier the creasing will show. (Just get some shoe trees). This will definitely happen right off the bat, but the leather quality was worth it. The Vince Camuto Oxford looked very well designed from the outside and had a very nicely curved silhouette. You can always tell right away if the toe box of a shoe is what you’re looking for and this was one. The top edge of the lining was also very soft and didn’t seem like it would cut into your heel.

Rubber Sole

After being content with the upper of the shoe I flipped it over to see the story of the sole. Rubber soles for dress shoes usually indicate a lower-end dress shoe. Higher quality dress shoes usually contain a leather sole or a mix of materials. However, the Vince Camuto Oxford seemed to be a cross with a rubber bottom covering most the bottom sole and some little nail studs tapped on throughout the sole. These were located at the very front end of the toe box and sides of the base heel. Most likely for the decorative appearance, but possibly for some functional sturdiness on the bottom. The stacked heel was a half rubber and half leather bottom. There was not a gentleman’s corner cut into the heel which isn’t really a big factor. I thought the sole was nicely done with the cross mix of materials which seemed to elevate the quality of the shoe.

So How Comfortable?

Vince Camuto Oxford

Slipping on the fellas was pretty smooth. The shoe felt comfortable and as mentioned before, the soft leather was an instant comfort. I really liked the toe box cut and think this played a very big role in the overall comfort fit of the shoe. If you’re looking for a lower price point shoe that still exudes some sense of durability then I think the Vince Camuto Tarby is a great option. If the wholecut look is a little too simple then check out some other Vince Camuto Oxford options on their website. Otherwise, if you’re open to Monkstraps check out my Jared Lang Monkstrap Review!



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