Top Men’s Sneakers Spring 2017

Emploom’s Top Men’s Sneakers Spring 2017 – Thus Far

The beginning of a new year means the upcoming release of a slew of new shoes. For men’s sneakers the season has started off surprisingly well with both high-end designer styles and your standard footwear brands. I’ll round up what I have found to be the most exciting Top Men’s Sneakers Spring 2017. And believe me, I’m pretty particular when it comes to footwear.

Common Projects

Top Men's Sneakers Spring 2017

Common Projects Spring 2017; Image Via: Heygents.com

The brand continues its roll of staying atop the hottest list of footwear out there today, especially for sneakers. The S/S 17 selection for men increases the color palette selection as well as a few new styles to accommodate the formidable lineup. New colors will include a deep, deep red,  summer blue, and peachy tones. Great colors. New styles include a new retro look that carries a contrasting heel color and new stitching patterns. Common Projects also dabbled into the pebbled-grain leather market that is focused upon some of the newer dress casual shoes. For me personally though, I believe the Common Projects Achilles Low Suede sneaker to still be their best shoe and a shoe you should definitely add this season.


Top Men's Sneakers Spring 2017

Lanvin Spring 2017; Image Via: Lanvin.com

Lanvin, the oldest couture house in France and yet they never seem to get quite the publicity as some of the other Parisian brands. It’s the same story with their sneakers and other than the price tag I don’t see why men haven’t looked into their selection more. If guy’s have enough to blow on Gucci’s and Prada’s then they better look at the current selection of Lanvin.

This season’s release feature a nice crop of simple, genuine quality leather, with a great silhouette to match up with. I find the Suede Calfskin sneakers to be a very attractive option with a nice texture contrast built within the shoes. A suede back and a toe cap that pops out just enough to be noticed. This season also includes a vulcanized line with a few different options from graffiti-inspired derby sneakers to a very unique mid-top sneaker. I recommend taking a peek at Lanvin’s mens sneakers  if you’ve got a pretty penny to spend.

Adidas “Stan Smiths”

Adidas “Stan Smith” Boost; Image Via: SoleCollector.com

You’ve seen a thousand pictures of them and countless collaborations of the shoe, but since it’s so successful why stop? Beginning from the original white Stan Smith Adidas introduced years ago, the shoe has become one of the most common sneakers out there. I thought the Raf Simon collaborations from the last couple years were great shoes (still hoping to pick my own ones up), and hoping to see some more come out soon. If you can find a “Stan Smith” that you find yourself in love with, just purchase it. They’re super affordable and you’ll probably find it your go to shoe from then on. Any guys I just heard another “Boost” version of the shoe is coming out.

Yeezy Boost “350” Series

Yeezy Zebra Review

This is the “it” sneaker right now. The latest one to release otherwise known as the Yeezy Boost “350” V2 Zebra sold out immediately at adidas sites across the world and its limited release online. Expect the crazy to continue as two new colors were mentioned for March. The sneaker which definitely aligns more on the casual side of sneaker has become a new staple for sneaker heads out there and as long as Kanye continues to show wear something new months before its release. The shoes are super comfortable, thats a given, but for the styles? I think it is dependent on each release and the color way designs. However, you can not say it’s not one of the top sneakers to be released in 2017 thus far.

Filling Pieces

Top Men's Sneakers Spring 2017

Filling Pieces S/S 17 Mid Chelsea Lace; Image Via: FillingPieces.com

The Dutch brand follows its S/S17 campaign slogan of “Let Us Create” into a diverse collection of new footwear. The signature tongue angle still encompasses the very wide range of shoe styles for the season. Filling Pieces however decided to bring about a multi-cultural identity with some new styles. Following the original Low Top lines, Filling Pieces brought about some new Apaches and mid-cut Chelsea style sneakers which I think are very unique. With what Filling Pieces is throwing out in the footwear market I wouldn’t doubt them in having a strong fan base very soon.

Well that wraps up the Top Men’s Sneakers Spring 2017 that I believe is currently some of the most exciting sneakers for men on the market. Though it’s still early in the season, I feel these brands developed some of the most distinguished sneakers for consumers to pick up or are just picking up from last season’s success. This gives you a variety of price points and selections for you to choose from if you’re looking to fill a sneaker need very soon. Stay tuned for next batch of Top Men’s Sneakers Spring 2017 that I find you’ll want to add.


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