Top Chelsea Boots for Fall 2018

My Favorite Men’s Chelsea Boots Currently Out There

Saint Laurent Wyatt Harness Boot $1009

Saint Laurent makes great shoes and for men one of the most recognizable Chelsea Boots, the Wyatt. With a 30mm heel the Wyatt Chelsea Boot may look like slightly higher heel, but you will notice no difference from the other Chelsea Boot options out there. The Wyatt has an elegantly cut silhouette with a slightly elongated toe, but is a classic designer option for those looking for an investment piece. 

Paul Smith Gerald Chelsea Boot $249

English brand, Paul Smith has continually released one of their best looking boots, the Gerald Chelsea Boot every year in a variety of colors. I particularly like this dark grey, suede version. If you have a black and brown style boots in your collection already then find room for a rich-looking grey suede. Grey looks much better in a textured suede option as it visually makes the color much more stunning. 

End Clothing, Paul Smith Gerald Chelsea Boot

Common Projects Chelsea Boot Suede $530

At this point you’ve probably noticed I am a big fan of Common Projects and their sneakers. I haven’t had a chance to pick up their Chelsea Boots, but it is definitely one of the most recommended streetwear brand Chelsea boots out there. Add on a crepe sole and slightly wider toe bed, the Common Projects Chelsea boot is one you must take a look at. 

End Clothing, Common Projects Chelsea Boot Suede

Comme de Garcons Homme Plus Chelsea Boot $795

Of course there had to be a black leather option. It’s probably the first style your looking for! I believe this Comme de Garcons Chelsea Boot is a beautiful option. With a slightly lower cut around the ankle area and a conveniently treaded, rubber sole option for the weather, the Comme de Garcons Chelsea Boot will be a versatile option for all day usage. 

Top Chelsea Boot - Comme de Garcons Chelsa Boot

End Clothing, Comme des Garcons Homme Plus Cow Hide Chelsea Boot

Lanvin Black Knit Chelsea Boot $665

Classic Lanvin brings out one of the trendier Chelsea Boot styles out there for this Fall season. With a rib-knit, blue and black add to the very top, Lanvin brings a very modern take to a traditional style boot. Like it or not, it’ll be on the most unique Chelsea Boot options out there for men this season. That thick lug sole will also solve any issues if you’re looking for some amazing traction in your neck of the woods. 

Ssense.com, Lanvin Black Knit Sock Chelsea Boots

As I mentioned in my previous post, Chelsea Boots are getting back into the footwear discussion for men. Sneakers still continue to dominate the discussion boards, but if you’re looking for other options out there then take a look at some Chelsea Boots. I would love to know what options you’re coming across there and what you have found to work for you. 

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