Another Pair of Tod’s? Tod’s Cap Toe Oxford Review

You Love the Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoe?

Well Take a Look at the Tod’s Cap Toe Oxfords Then

Tods Cap Toe Oxford

If you read my last review of my Tod’s Gommino Driving Shoe, then you’ll know I was pretty satisfied with the legendary brand’s shoes. People are usually aware of the Tod’s Driving Moccasins and their pebbled soles. Well don’t forget about the men’s dress shoe lines. As I’ve been testing out new black dress shoes, the Tod’s Cap Toe Oxford was definitely on the top of my list.

The shoe looks like your standard black dress shoe. A more rounded toe box, simple cap toe sew line, and most likely a wider base on the sole. You’re probably thinking well what’s special then? Slip on the shoes and you’ll know why Tod’s are known for their leather. The instant comfort of the Tod’s Cap Toe Oxfords is hard to beat. The leather isn’t stiff nor is it too soft to where it creases right off the bat. If you’re in a store sometime trying out men’s dress shoes, pick up a pair of Tod’s and compare it. You’ll probably find yourself siding with the thickness and finish level of the Tod’s. It’s a good instant comfort that shouldn’t require much breaking in if any.

Tods Cap Toe Oxford

This shoe may still look like another standard black dress shoe. Looking at this shoe from the top and you’ll see that the width of the toe bed is at the widest part of an average guy’s foot. Right where it should be. I believe many shoe brands are usually a bit off on the cut of their toe beds. This usually requires some time to break into the leather to a relatively comfortable level. Why put yourself through all that? It’s understandable if it’s some unique shoe or iconic shoe. You want it to work. However, for a dress shoe that may be worn at least 3-4 times a week? You’re looking for comfort, all-day comfort.

Is it too Traditional?

To me the Tod’s Cap Toe Oxford toe bed is a bit more rounded for my style. It’s a tad wide and I like a bit more of an almond toe bed that narrows the front. However, the intention of this shoe wasn’t to be the eye magnet. It’s construction was meant to be your go-to shoe if you’re on your feet a lot. The wider sole base? A little more stability and more traditional look. Many of the dressier shoes for designer lines usually slim down the sole base on the sides and go for more an elongated look of the toe bed. The shoes make the statement, but that’s up to you.

Tod's Cap Toe Oxford

Don’t expect that iconic pebbled sole to disappear on a Tod’s shoe. With the rubber base sole you receive the extra comfort other than the leather sole. With the the Tod’s Cap Toe Oxford you also receive the pebbled rubber sole. While testing out the shoes I definitely noticed the extra little pop within the little rubber studs protruding out. Why not apply the sole technology to a wider range of shoe models. It works.

Uh the Details Please?

Tod's Cap Toe Oxford

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m into details and there isn’t much about this shoe that screams that. Even with the small Tod’s logo that is the same on every pair, I wish they could expand their creativity a bit. Look at Gucci with their emblems always being so different and creative. The little indentation of a T and a barely visible lion just doesn’t cut it for me. Possibly a little more curvy stitching or variance in the lines? I feel there’s a lot to improve upon here.

Final Words on the Tod’s Cap Toe Oxford Review

Tods Cap Toe Oxford

In the end the Tod’s Cap Toe Oxford accomplishes the goal of what it was constructed for. A traditional, black dress shoes built with more comfort in mind then style. The leather and fit are great, which are super important in this case. It should last you a long time and if you love a rubber sole then this is a definite step up from your boring Ecco dress shoe. It brings a bit more to the table then other brands out there, but not enough to make it a standout.

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