The Top 5 Sites in Dandong China

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Nowhere else can you see the Great Wall and North Korea

China is filled with historical sites and borders that neighbor countries on most sides. For most people visiting China, the top sites to visit include the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terra Cotta Soldiers, and most likely the cuddly pandas in Sichuan. However, if you are one who wants to venture off from the main tourist traps and even get a glimpse of a neighboring country, then Dandong, China should be on your list. After all, it only borders the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea. Plus, where else can you see the most eastern part of the Great Wall in China? It’s included in the top 5 sites in Dandong that I’ll shortly share with you.

Located in the eastern part Liaoning province, the city of Dandong is a mysterious city with a ton of history. Being the major trading city between the two countries, Dandong has a heavy influence of North Korean culture. You will probably even come across some North Koreans in the city and see tons of North Korean trinkets sprinkled throughout. By high-speed bullet train you can get to Dandong from Dalian of Shenyang within a few hours. If you have a free weekend in Northeast China, then I’ll share with you why this strategic city is worth a visit. Even better, I’ll save you some valuable research time and recommend to you the top 5 sites in Dandong worth visiting.

My Top 5 Sites in Dandong

Friendship and Broken Bridge Dandong

Yalu River Broken Bridge

When you arrive in Dandong, you’ll probably be recommended to visit the bridges. As there are a ton of bridges that were built between China and North Korea, there are two notable ones. The first is the Yalu Broken Bridge that was built in 1911 and was the first bridge built to connect the two countries. However, during the Korean War it was bombed by the Americans. The remnants of the bridge are what you now see. A ticket costs 30 RMB and gives you the option to walk around the bridge yourself. The site should not take you more than 20 minutes to get the experience. Check out some of the bullet holes and witness the rather quiet, North Korean city of Sinuiju yourself.

Yalu River Broken Bridge Entrance

Top 5 Sites in Dandong

Top 5 Sites Dandong China

Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge

Literally right next to the Yalu River Broken Bridge, the Friendship Bridge is still connected and still operates daily. Supposedly this is the bridge that Mr. Kim Jong-un takes when he comes to visit China. Another fun fact is Mao Zedong’ son, Mao Anying also crossed this bridge into North Korea during the Korean war. The Sino-Korean Friendship bridge also encompasses 70% of the trade that flows between the two countries. In a way Dandong is basically a lifeline for North Korea’s economy dependency on China.

Tourists aren’t able to actually able to walk over and cross the bridge itself. However, you can still take a minute to soak it in from the river banks. Trains actually still operate across the bridge. If you really want to head on over across the border you can look into train ticket options. Otherwise, the Yalu River Scenic area is worth spending some time strolling around in.

Top 5 Sites Dandong China

Yalu River separating North Korea and Dandong, China

The North Korean Border

As you are strolling around the Yalu River Scenic Area, you will definitely come across guides selling boat tickets to visit the North Korean border. After all, this is probably the closest and only option you’ll get at waving to North Korean border security. I took up one of the guides on this option.

Yalu River Chinese Side Harbor

Top 5 Sites in Dandong, China


I had to wait around just a bit for the guide to fill up his bus with tourists. Once boarded, the bus ride is an hour-long ride North to the boat docks. Along the way, you can witness some of the numerous bombed up bridges. You can also witness the vastly different landscapes between the two countries. Eventually, we got to the docks around 3:30, which was a great time to see the sun starting to set. Get ready for a 30 minute break for photoshoots with Chinese tourist before boarding the boats. After getting some selfies, get on board for the roughly 45 minute tour up and down the Yalu River.

Yalu River Boat Ride

As I was visiting in the middle of winter, you’ll get both the cold temperature and wind breeze coming at you. For the good pics and memorable views of North Korea, you’ll have to soldier up and brave through it on the open top of the boat. I was able to snap a good amount of photos and see for myself the turquoise watch towers of the North Korean border. If you’ve got binoculars bring them, as you can get a real up-close view of the civilians and soldiers rummaging around. My tour didn’t get too close to the border as it stayed mostly in the middle of the river. Head on down below if you need to warm up, but be prepared to walk into a smoke-fest of Chinese men trying to warm themselves up.

Sunset on Yalu River Dandong, China

Eventually the boat hit a point and turned around. At this point it was getting dark and waited a bit for the bus to come back. On the rather quiet trip back, I listened to the guide who multitasked by driving and selling us “exquisite” cigarettes from throughout China. As with most Chinese tours, get expected to be sold to or walked through a shop with a variety of local products.

Tiger Mountain Wall

You haven’t been to the Great Wall yet? Well you’re in luck. The Tiger Mountain Wall in Dandong is also considered part of the Great Wall. Though the Tiger Mountain Wall isn’t as dramatic as the main part of the Great Wall, you can still get a scaled-down experience of climbing the stone walls. From Dandong you can take a taxi that will cost around 35-40RMB or a bus for 4RMB. The round trip bus stop has one location outside the gate and runs till 6.

Top 5 Sites in Dandong China

There are a couple entrances you can visit from depending on the season you visit. I went through the farthest north entrance as the main entrance wasn’t open. After buying the ticket and picking an entrance, you will eventually come to a fork at the top. If you follow the main route you’ll eventually go through a museum and find the main exit.

I decided to take the hilly, back-route instead. Maps will list a scenic spot on the hill if you follow this path, however it’s really not that scenic. If you follow the dirt path around eventually you’ll come across some railings that will guide you around. You actually bump right up next to a river that borders with North Korea. From this route I was even closer to the turquoise border towers and could hear the guards yelling at each other. It was an interesting moment, since I was literally the only person hiking that route.

Top 5 Sites in Dandong

After the slightly thrilling side route hike, I came back through the same entrance and found a quick bite outside the entrance. The bus route back is a bit slow and takes around 45 mins to downtown. However, who can argue with 4RMB a ticket?

Andong Street

Everybody is a foodie when traveling. Who doesn’t want to try out the local delicacies and be surrounded by scrumptious snacks. Andong, which was Dandong’s name long ago, is the vibrant food market not too far from the Yalu River. You’ll find a sitting statue and an elaborate, traditional entrance to get in the main door of the market. Immediately you’ll smell the strong aromas and the rowdy atmosphere. Hopefully, you have gotten a little more familiar with China at this point. There’s even a theater in here with some classical Chinese performances that you can take in as you munch away.

Andong Market Entrance

Andong Elaborate Entrance

Wrapping Up the Top 5 Sites in Dandong

There are a ton of fun things to do in China. However, as mentioned if you want to visit somewhere that many others haven’t or see a unique, historical site then Dandong, China is a good site to start at. From the Tiger Wall and North Korean border, Dandong will you have even to fill up a whole weekend. If you are able to visit the top 5 sites in Dandong that I listed, I’d love to hear your experiences!

Top 5 Sites Dandong China

Mao Zedong will be there to see you off

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