The Man With the Iron Fists – Calligraphy Trailer

The Man With the Iron Fists Trailer

man with the iron fists trailer

The Man With the Iron Fists looks like another high action pack, heavily digitally edited film influenced by the mind of Mr. Tarantino himself, who throws out another interesting film release this fall. The film is based in the war torn dynasty periods of ancient China where small village farmers must protect their hidden treasures from evil bodies. A common theme line we know all too well.

As usual it  includes all the leap frogging, cloud walking martial art movements Hollywood puts out that makes us want to believe is actually humanely possible. Add in the extra gory, bloody effects from Mr. Tarantino and we have added a new dimension the Hollywood Asian martial art films.  To tag along with the whole Asian topic, I came across this video that summarizes the whole flick from a Chinese calligraphy styled brush painting theme . The style brings along a nice perspective and advertising method to showcase the film through another media usage.

We don’t often see many movie trailers incorporate much artistic effects into engaging the audience, usually just clips of the movie strewn together. Too boring if you ask me. I believe a large majority of consumers will enjoy seeing more of this style that brings a new layer of dimensions to the overall feel of what a movie could bring in surprising you. Sin City had always done nicely with the black, white and spotted color effects as their movie theme. And they brought it into their movie trailers, adding that much needed artistic twist to the feel of the film. The Man With the Iron Fists only does it with a calligraphy standpoint.

Check out this creative video clip and see if it entices you to come out for the November 2nd release date.

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