Top Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Spectre Danner Boot

Top Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015: Here is a list of my most recent recommendations for the Top Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015. Some may be brands you are already very familiar with and have countless pairs stacked in the closet. Otherwise, odds are you will more than likely discover some brands you’ve never heard of but could become your next go-to. Check out the list and share with others who may be on currently shoe hunting. Continue Reading


Cole Haan ZeroGrand Shoes

Cole Haan ZeroGrand

It’s finally here. Another Cole Haan – Nike inspired mashup, also known as the Cole Haan ZeroGrand. No more of the Nike LunarGrand soles that initially inspired the first hybrid mixup of dress shoes and sneakers. Instead this next go around is about utilizing the Nike Free sole. What’s the difference? Quite a bit actually. Continue Reading