Skate and Surf clothing trends are over

Surf and skate clothing have been a trend for the last few years. When you go shopping you probably hit a  Pac Sun or Zumiez. These two stores seem to be located within every mall and shopping center you go to, if not right next to each other. Both these stores also specialize in one area: Surf and Skate Clothing. As you can imagine these  stores have been some of the top clothing shops for teenagers and young adults. It was the new, acceptable style to this age group for a while. However, I believe the fashion style for this age group has flipped to a new page.

I won’t lie, I have shopped at both these stores before and still stop in every now and then. They provide all the name brand clothing the skater/surf type kids want: Volcom, Hurley, Quicksilver, DC, and so on. Back in high school, I thought these were the clothes you needed to wear to fit in with the cool crew. You didn’t have to be a skater or snowboarder, it was just the popular trend. I still think they make some nice designs and provide some attractive styles for this age group to wear. As the years went by though and I kept going back to look for new clothing some intriguing points started popping out to me. One of the biggest characteristics of all these clothing styles is that they all have relatively same designs. The majority of  these brands all offered t-shirts that printed their company name out in big print, in the very front of the shirt. Anyone who bought these shirts was basically a moving billboard for these companies.  The brand name was always placed in the very center of the t-shirt, no where else. Another characteristic that was very similar to these shirts was the very simplistic designs. To go along with the brand name in bold letters there would usually be a few odd shapes and designs all located around the logo. They could be some zig-zag shapes or some random creatures posing in action poses.  Whatever these brands did it all seemed very boring. Why do all these brand name companies all follow the same guidelines? I hardly ever saw any designs on the sleeves, back of the shirt, or under the arms of the shirt. Why not be a little more creative? By the way, this is just what I noticed with the t-shirts.

The shorts aren’t much better. When I breezed through all the shorts two things popped out to me. Cargo and plaid. These are the same two designs all these clothing companies once again follow when it came to shorts. Plaid shorts seem to be a very popular look because of the lines and easy matching designs to go with a variety of t-shirts. Wear some plaid shorts and find any t-shirt, your good to go. All these plaids are also based on the same features, only changing the line widths or lengths. Other than that they are all created from the same basic design. I will argue that cargo shorts are better looking than plaid shorts, but they are beginning to go out of style too. The baggy look with a huge variety of pockets to fit random trinkets into has also been a very popular look. Sure, having many pockets is useful but from what I have seen backpacks are the new trend for that.  Cargo shorts are usually designed much wider than what most teenagers can seem to fit into these days. If you ask me, I think we’ve passed the extra baggy looks.

As I have read from other articles and noticed by walking personally through these stores, skate and surf clothing trends are dying. Many other articles are noticing the change for new styles and looks. Teenagers no longer want to look so laid back and loose looking styles. It is easy to notice that stores such as Pac Sun and Zuniez are struggling to compete having had such big markdowns and sales. A&E, LRG, Forever21,  and Zara have all noticed increased sales recently. They have realized the new change in trends and what this age group is looking for. What do you think? Is it time?

Anson Zong-Liscum

Lots of things interest me in this complex world. The things that have the biggest influence on my life however would be the creative world of fashion, mesmerizing art, the life-changing effects of traveling, the global world of cultural connections, and the way marketing effects all of us. It's an interesting world out there. Hit me up if you live in my world.

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