Saint Laurent Universite Loafer Review

My New Go-To Shoe: The Saint Laurent Universite Loafer

Saint Laurent Does it Right With a Classic Penny Loafer

My latest review is on a recent splurge that has since become a favorite of mine. Saint Laurent gets a ton of attention for their women’s line of Tribute styles and handbags, but the men’s shoes are not to be forgotten. I’ve always had my eyes on their Wyatt boots and their lines of distressed sneakers. However, the Saint Laurent Universite Loafer has become an instant staple of mine and a classic style that goes well with tons of outfits.

Side View of Saint Laurent Universite Loafer

Going with a Classic Apron Toe

To clarify this is actually a classic Penny Loafer with a split toe. I’m never usually a fan of the split toe, it looks awkward on the toe area and just looks like it could’ve been done without most the time. I think the one reason that it didn’t bother me with the Saint Laurent Universite Loafer is because of the black on black. All the black basically hides the stitching, but in a way makes the split toe pop as a little design flair. This shoe in general is pretty basic, but the Universite loafer just looks and feels like money. It’s a premiere designer brand, so it lives up the level of expectations from the luxury level that it should boast.

Saint Laurent Split Toe

The stitching of the shoe is beautifully done in almost dark, cloudy grey tone that has a nice effect with the black suede of the shoe. Throughout the shoe are a nice pace of stitching patterns, with thick and thin stitches evenly placed. Little details like this are where the premiere designer brands showcase themselves out from the rest of the competition. It may not be something you notice at first, but once you start branching your shoe game out you’ll definitely pick up on it.

Saint Laurent Penny Loafer

No Break In Process

The Saint Laurent Universite Loafer fit amazingly well. I opted for a 42 since they didn’t do half sizes and it fit great. The loafer fit comfortably snug which is how shoes should fit right off the bat. Being constructed from a soft suede, I didn’t want it to become too loose over time either. The width, heel, and toe all fit well. I really enjoyed the toe box design as well. If you take a look from the side of the shoe, you’ll notice that it actually carries a little more upward curve to it. You don’t notice it as you wear it, but just a visual note.

Saint Laurent Universite Loafer

Wear and Tear

I’ve owned the Saint Laurent Universite Loafer for a little over a month now. The shoes have held up amazingly well and have become one of my go to shoes for work. The suede has held up very nicely and has showcased no signs of scuffing (keeping my fingers crossed). One thing I did notice though were the suede panels on the side. Since it is suede they do bend naturally a little bit more than standard leather shoes will. I may just be a bit particular, but they do seem to bend a little bit more than I had hoped for. It’s only when you step down that there seems to be a tad bit of gapping. For how well the shoe has worked out for me though this is a very minor issue.

Saint Laurent Bottom Sole

The bottom sole looked almost like it was lacquered with its shiny, smooth black surface. I wish I could’ve kept the sole the same way it came out of the box, but all leather soles show their wear. The shoe overall is constructed very well and should be one I can continue to resole over its life.

All Black Saint Laurent Packaging

Black shoe box, black tissue paper, black dust bags, and black shoes. Saint Laurent keeps it classy and the shoe is presented very fittingly with its packaging. I personally think that Saint Laurent dust bags are some of the best out there. From the quality of the bags and the rich texture finish, I would use them for all my shoes. The shoes come wrapped with some fine paper packaging and pillow soft tissue paper stuffed within. Saint Laurent definitely knows how to build the excitement of shoe unpacking from beginning to end.

Won’t Be My Last Saint Laurent Shoes

Now that I own one pair of Saint Laurent shoes, it definitely won’t be my last. With this pair of Saint Laurent Universite Loafers becoming part of my everyday shoe collection, I can definitely picture myself purchasing another option. With the quality material, amazing fit, and sophisticated silhouette of the Universite Loafer I would definitely recommend picking up a pair of your own.

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