Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe Collaboration Review

The Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe Drop Hits Again

Hip Hop Star and Iconic Shoe Brand Mash-Up

Collaborations are usually good. You get two creative minds with different perspectives to collaborate onto something great. Many fantastic footwear ideas and concepts have come from this process. If they’re so successful then future releases always come about. The Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe collaboration was another great mix. An iconic rapper from Detroit and footwear brand icon from Germany. The footwear drop which contained a few varying styles released just this month. I picked myself up the Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe Mid which is the hightop version. Let’s dig into the details.

Colors That Pop and Represent

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe Mid are the distinct and vibrant colors: Pink, blue, and green. Big Sean represents his home state of Michigan with the blue and green color combination. A nice pairing to go with the neutral blush tone for the main upper color of the shoe. The green and blue combination gives it that sweet pop against the lighter blush tone.

The green is also well represented on the bottom sole. With a diamond style cutout pattern, the sole plays with your eyes a bit. It’s a more neon, translucent green that gives it an attractive take. It’ll catch those passerby eyes. I really loved the color blocked tab. The blue, green, and white stripes give the shoe a distinct detailing that cements into your memory. Personally, I wish there was more done with shoe tabs these days. They seem like another forgotten part of the shoe that continually gets passed over.

Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe Collaboration Review

Layers on Layers

The monochromatic stitching of the shoe doesn’t give enough justice to the overall design silhouette of the shoe upper. With a blended neoprene and mostly suede upper, the shoe has a great feel to it. The neoprene effect on the top is a nice touch when putting on the shoe.

Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe Collaboration Review

It gives this blush Puma a little extra stretch while gripping to slide into and when you struggle to slip your foot into the shoe. The rest of the upper is entirely suede. Suede continues to be a hot material these days and it fits the aesthetic of this shoe perfectly. The small perforations and repeated stitching patterns give the protruding, legendary Puma side stripe a deserving visual effect.

Subtle But Signature Details

Let the designs speak for themselves. We love logos and brands, but sometimes you have to let the product speak for itself without a label to represent it. If you look at the shoe close enough, you will see the logos and signature marks. Hidden, but tucked away to not take away from the beautiful view of the whole shoe. There’s the Big Sean signature scribbled on the outside, bottom part of the heel. Then there’s Puma Suede stamped on the outside side of the shoelaces. Let us then continue to the tongue which has the leaping Puma logo and defining D behind it for Detroit. Puma is then plastered onto the back heel, but blends in with the blush-ness of the shoe. The logos are there to show you just subtly on who designed the shoe. This can help you appreciate the smaller logo designs scattered about it a little more.

So How Does it Fit?

It fits snug. The width is brought in just a bit, maybe that’s just because I have just slightly wider feet. However, with suede you want that snug fit to give you the best long-term fit. The shoe fits comfortably though. It’s a great fit throughout the upper and has an interesting rope-like lacing structure to tighten the shoes.

What I had questions about was when sliding your foot into the shoe. It’s not a complete struggle to cope with but it’ll take longer than your standard shoe to slide into. Part of it is that the upper is constructed with larger combined pieces. There aren’t as many separate pieces that give you more mobility. The stitching patterns give you an idea of all the stacked layers that work their way outward.

Would I Suggest the Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe?

This one is a head scratcher. I really like the monochromatic color for the complete design of the shoe. The suede layering is beautiful and I just love the distinct color block heel tab. The neon green sole is also something different from a lot of the sneakers out there. The texturing of the shoe also adds some movement to the shoe with the differentiating line strokes. I’m not completely in tune with the blush tone. I believe this fits that special shoe category for someone looking specifically for this shoe color or is a collector of collaborative shoes. I would still recommend giving the guy a shot though.




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