Church’s Shoe Review, My First English-Made Shoes

Church’s Monk Strap Shoe Review: Everybody talks about their Italian-made designer shoes and the rich history behind the country’s cobblers. I stand very much behind Italian-made shoes, but was also curious about English-made shoes. I decided on a pair of Church’s Monk Strap shoes in a very standard black. Here’s what I have to say about my first pair of English shoes two months in.


It’s Here. The Golden Goose Sneaker Review | Footwear Review

It’s Here. The Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneaker Review: You’re probably hearing the Golden Goose brand everywhere these days, especially if you’re involved within the footwear world. The distressed-looking sneakers with the three-pointed star have been popping up everywhere and are becoming popular with each new season. I snagged myself a pair finally and couldn’t wait to share my thoughts. Check out the Golden Goose Deluxe Brand Sneaker Review.


Common Projects: 5 Reasons to Buy Suede or Leather

Suede or leather shoes? Especially when it comes to designer labels or higher-end brands, the decision can be very strenuous. What fits a need? Do you own that style of material shoe? What have the reviews said? I’ve grouped up some of the most common factors when deciding between suede or leather shoes. For this review I’ll showcase the Common Projects Achilles Low in both styles.


Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run Shoe Review

Alexander Wang said “Lets just find a bunch of scraps and pack it onto some adidas sole.” That’s what many will probably find the Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run shoe to be. However, there are a ton of pleasant surprises with this shoe. From the variety of textiles, vibrant colors, and technical enhancement of the lacing system these are shoes you will probably want to add for your self.


Jared Lang Shoe Review

Jared Lang Shoe Review: Have you tried on the Miami-based menswear brand before? Known for their apparel products, Jared Lang began dabbling into the shoe market and I thought I’d give their Monk Straps a shot. A creative and stylish shoe, see what I thought about with my first foray into Jared Lang products.


Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe Collaboration Review

Puma x Big Sean Suede Shoe Collaboration Review: Big Sean decided to release with Puma again. It is yet another impressive release with a variety of footwear selections and colors. I picked up the Puma x Big Sean Suede Mid that comes up just a bit further on the ankle. It’s not your everyday color, but take a glance at the shoe and its eye-catching color combos.


5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018

The 5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018. Everybody has booked those tickets to the warm weather destinations and as we’re all thinking, “What shoes am I going to bring?” Don’t worry, I’ve got some great options ready for you and they don’t include sandals. Step it up and think outside of what everyone wears to the warm resorts and beaches. Test the waters and give these other shoes a shot.


5 Reasons to Wear a Tie Bar

5 Reasons to Wear a Tie Bar: Dressing up correctly is important, especially when wearing a tie. The tie bar has now unfortunately become a forgotten fashion accessory for men. Ties without a tie bar or tie clip to hold them in place? No extra fashion statement to describe yourself? Don’t follow the herd. Study up on my 5 reasons to wear a tie bar starting tomorrow.