Oakley: A Story of Disruption

Oakley: A Story of Disruption

Oakley: Disruptive By Design

Oakley: Disruptive By Design; Image Via: Business.Transworld.Net

Oakley is closing in on its 40th Anniversary and it’s hard to say that they haven’t become an incredible company since their startup in 1975. James Jannard, the founder had one remarkable mind by first starting up with the game-changing handle bar grips for motor bike athletes. What followed were  eyeshades for competitive sports athletes to the RED camera series just by all sorts of Hollywood directors. If there were any modernistic items that you could think of these days, Oakley would be the first to come to mind. Technical and disruptive are the words that define Oakley. I’m sure this is just the beginning of many more products to unleash upon us.

The short video, “Oakley: A Story of Disruption” which is narrated by Kevin Spacey, explores the foundations of what built Oakley to the future endeavors the company is looking at taking on. After all, “Disruptive by Design” is a global brand communication idea the company encompasses throughout a number of its public and marketing channels. We are also invited in to take a quick stroll through the famous Oakley Bunker, otherwise the headquarters of the iconic brand and to see what creative ideas are being stirred up.  Kevin Spacey without a doubt, brings that same mysterious and shadowy approach that we see him so often due in his other films, which in all makes this a very exciting short film to be excited about for Oakley. What do you think is being engineered within those steel framed doors in Foothill Ranch, California?

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