The Men’s Sneakers With Suit Combination

Men’s Sneakers With Suit Combination

The Fashion World is Changing

Men's Sneakers with Suit

A men’s sneakers with suit combination eh? The new generation has really been bending the rules of the fashion game, especially the last ten years. The latest one many our parents growing up would probably not have even let us walk out the front door  dressed with. A men’s sneakers with suit combination? Yep. It is one of the new big statement styles and something you will have to be able to pull of correctly or take a beating’s worth of awkward glances for the day.

When we think of suits we always think business, formal, dressed up, or special occasion. The rules still hold with suits but the leather objects you walk in around all day long have drastically taken a different creative path. With suits we are used to putting up the dress up oxfords, detailed wingtips, or a step-up with monk straps. That’s still fine and dandy, but if you want to mix-it up and try on something new and modern you may try giving the right pair of sneakers a shot. I definitely recommend Common Projects.

Common Projects Original Achilles Low, End.com

Please Get it Tailored

The one extreme must I believe you must have to even begin thinking of wearing sneakers with are correctly tailored slacks. This is a definite must. Wear any straight leg, extra comfort fit pants, and you’ll find yourself looking like a clown. So to begin with get the pants tailored correctly with a slimmer touch all along the pant length and you’ll be on the best starting point. You will look sharper and so will the sneakers you will begin feeling comfortable rocking with.

Your probably thinking right now, “Well I got some ol’ basic sneakers in my closet I could use just for this.” Yeah you’ve probably seen some random images online of guys rocking standard suits with some basic sneakers and think your Nike Shock will do just fine. No.No.No. There are some basic tips and rules I have found that make this combination work.

The Rules

Do not wear your gym shoes.

Valentino Rockrunner Sneaker

This just isn’t going to happen. Whatever Nike Free, Trainers, or Flyknits you have hanging out at your front door will not be your go to shoe. Those are built specifically for the gym and your workout attire. This isn’t middle school anymore. Some may believe that Nike’s fit the bill, but believe me, you have much better options that will give off the right sense of style doing this.

Do not go too loud or intensely bright.

Axel Arigato Toe Cap Sneaker, End.com

Yes color is big these days, but do not use it as crazy with your suit sneakers. When looking at color options with your new sneakers go for subtle colors that do not speak for all the attention of your outfit. Think neutral blue, grays, browns, or even some of the bright colors of the rainbow spectrum but toned down to an acceptable level that doesn’t scream itself out. Whites are a great contrast color to utilize. If you have a nice light blue linen suit for the summer go ahead and find some matching sky blue shoes that go with the tone of the outfit. It blends in, it matches with the outfit, yet still make a statement within the sneakers itself in its own way. The contrasting details and texture of your shoe will be the your eye catchers.

Go basic and focus on the details. 

Men's Sneakers with Suit
Visvim Skagway Hi Kiltie, End.com

The statement explains itself. The shoe doesn’t have to be about the crazy, intricate designs or animal prints built around the shoe. Simplicity is key. The details I’m talking about could be the different stitching styles, your unique laces, the variety of textures incorporated within the shoe, the little color contrast touches included on the shoe. All of these smaller things are what will make the right sneaker work with your suit.

We love textures. 

Men's Sneakers with Suit
Reebok x Montana Cans Classic Leather, End.com

This is what many of the other men’s sneakers and suits combination dressers out there will agree upon the most. A good quality shoe always feels like it and always intertwines the unique textures. If you’ve invested in your shoe wardrobe correctly you will know how your better quality shoe’s always feel and look like the price you paid for them. A mixture of suede and nubuck leather? Sounds delish. Patent leather toe caps and perforated leather combo? Your on the right track.

Now Test Your Options Out

I believe if you follow through with this list for your suit sneakers then you will have accomplished this new and difficult fashion statement combination. I am not telling you in any way to pay an arm and leg for these specific sneakers, because there are only thousands of choices out there to choose from that can make your outfit work. If you do your research and go to the shoe store to try on different sneakers you will find an abundant amount of decent priced sneakers that will fit the bill. Now go out there and start hunting down your suit sneakers.

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