Men’s Footwear Style Trends 2019

Some New and Some of the Old

What’re the Most Noticeable Styles for 2019?

There’s a lot of new out there! Tons of new looks, tons of new materials, tons of new focuses, all exciting stuff for 2019. The men’s footwear options look really promising and definitely have some exciting styles releasing.

I’ve scanned through what people are saying the newest men’s footwear style trends 2019 is going to bring. A lot of it is the same old predictions. White sneakers, city boots, dress shoes, suede, and all the basic assumptions. Why can’t we focus into the details of the shoe a little bit more than just the basic category everyone mentions is the trend again? Here’s what I’ve discovered for the men’s footwear style trends 2019.

Bulbous Details in the Heel

Yes. Take a look at some of the prestigious designer brands out there and tell me that some of their sneakers are starting to bump out the back heel of the sole more and more. Most sneakers out there will have a rounded out back heel with maybe some simple contrasting and color schemes.

Balenciaga Track Mesh Sneaker continues to focus on the extension of the heel. The Valentino Bounce Sneaker brings out a different take on the bulbous heel. Alexander McQueen is bringing the concept onto men’s derby shoes even. It may not be a big “trend” but definitely a new style that is catching on more with designers taking more creative leaps.

Nike x Atmos Air Max 2 Light


Adidas Consortium LX CON, $109

Standout Lacing Systems and Materials

It’s time that laces started to get a little more advanced. We’ve got what looks like BOA lacing structures from skiing boots and technical fabrics being implemented into the standard cotton laces. Maybe this will fix the lace-up issue for good? From Nike to Gucci, brands from all price point levels are looking at updating the original lacing system.

Nike Air Max 270 Bowfin Sneakers; $206.00

Hooded High Top Sneaker, $345

Tech Runners

This is one trend you may see on many blogs and I do believe this is continuing to gain traction. Convenient slip-on with breathable mesh material, brands are continuing to add new technology and implementing them into new silhouettes. I would still consider it a really casual style shoe with all that athleisure wear, but hey wear what fits you. It continues to push the limits of footwear. Maybe all shoes will be self-lacing at some point?

Prada Knit Running Sneakers, $760

adidas Ultraboost Laceless Primeknit Sneakers, $244

Obnoxious Sole Tread Patterns

There are definitely some shoes out there that have beautiful uppers matched with some pretty outrageous soles with the craziest of treads. How far can you go out there with mixing them into your outfit will definitely take some creativity, but hey maybe just let the shoe speak for itself. Dolce & Gabbana, DSQUARED2, and Lanvin all have some pretty fun styles out there. Anything you’d be willing to get out of your comfort zone and try on?

Giuseppe Zanotti Urchin Oversized Sole Sneaker, $749


Y-3 Kaiwa Pod Sneakers, $330

Givenchy Jaw Suede, Nylon & Mesh Sneakers, $825

Thoughts on the Men’s Footwear Trends 2019?

Obviously these are my opinions of what I’ve seen to creep up on more brands lookbooks and products listed on merchant sites. Once again, I didn’t look completely at category trends of footwear as much as I did with more the specific footwear design elements that 2019 seems to be bringing forth. I love how brands are focusing more on braking down specific parts of the shoe and breaking away from industry standards. We need this type of creativity and 2019 seems to be starting off its first steps on a refreshing path forward. What are your favorite men’s footwear trends 2019 has showcased so far?

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