Kazmok Fashion – Conveyor Belts to Fashion?

Kazmok Fashion Comes in a New Form

Kazmok Fashion; Image Via: Ecouterre.com

Kazmok Fashion – Conveyor Belts?: The 21st century has seen an increased movement towards keeping planet Earth healthy and going with the green movement flow of being environmentally conscious. Without a doubt it has changed business practices, provoked new industrial developments, and sparked a new form of innovativeness. Yet it has also resulted in the formation of a new sector of eco-conscious companies and a creative breed of sustainable products. Kazmok, a Dutch fashion company has been a prime example of this movement.

Kazmok Fashion

Kazmok Ipad Case; Image Via: Ecouterre.com  

Kazmok fashion is built around the idea of reusing old conveyor belts and turning them into spectacular new bags of various forms.If you would have asked most people, they would have never thought about the idea of recreating a product from old conveyor belts. Kazmok, has reengineered the rubber material into a variety of everyday carrying forms including luggages, Ipad cases, laptop bags, and purses. Most people are familiar with leather, canvas, and other-related materials used to create a bag. But a bag made of rubber material? The results speak for themselves. The Kazmok line of fashionable bags brings a new flavor to the baggage industry. Handcrafted in the Czech Republic, Kazmok has redefined what sustainable can mean with a new material that’s seldom seen in the fashion industry. The results so far look great and I see some great designs coming from their design teams. Taking a peek at their site you can get everything from trolleys to even belts. Talking about creativity and innovation, the company won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2012 for their ideas.  Though they may seem a bit boxy and clunky, I think many people, especially eco-oriented people will find a great use for these bags somewhere in their daily lifestyle. Think you could rock a Kazmok trolley around as your go-to-travel bag?

Kazmok Fashion

Kazmok Luggage Fashion; Image Via: Kazmok.com

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