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Jonas Burgert is a German artist born in Berlin in 1969. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Berlin and since then has continued to do many magnificent works that have been exhibited in numerous art galleries throughout the world. The Denver Art Museum is showcasing two very fine pieces done by Jonas Burgert, including Temple. I found this artwork while strolling through the 3rd floor in the Hamilton Building. This floor was designated as an area for modern artworks. This piece caught my eye the moment I saw it and I could tell right away that this artist had a very unique style. Many of Jonas’s artworks represent the many problems that occur within the world or consequential events that society can take upon. People can be enveloped into these types of disasters and Jonas shows this side of the human nature that many of us never really think about. Jonas showcases his views on these problems in many detailed and colorful ways which make his artwork really stand out.

Temple is an oil on canvas artwork that he completed in 2007 in Germany.  The piece is a fairly decent size, sitting at 240×220 cm. Most of his artworks are completed using oil paints, which really helps showcase the vibrant colors included in all his artworks. I noticed how Jonas really utilizes the oil paint texture to give certain areas of the painting a texture or feeling as if you were really touching the object. As in Temple, he uses broader and clumpier strokes to make the floor/oil spill seem much heavier and rough. It gave the painting a very realistic sense that added to the overall atmosphere of the piece. Jonas also likes to use a drip feature, where the paint continues to roll down the painting adding to the overall picture and meaning behind the piece. I believe this technique gives it an unfinished, quick sense that really helps and blends in overall. The whole piece has that kind of messy, trashed, rough environment that fits just right with the art styles he chose to use. He also does some very fine detailing with the subjects that really help set them out from the messy, distorted background in Temple.

section of "Temple"

section of "Temple"

When we analyze Temple, we can immediately notice a few very distinct art elements that Jonas has been accustomed to and known for. Color is a very noticeable one. Jonas uses very bright, explosive colors for his figures and subjects that he intends to put focus upon. Many of these bright colors are also neon giving the painting an almost glowish like effect. His usage of bright colors contrasts very well against the dark background he commonly uses. The bright values also give his artworks a fantasy like sense, but still hold onto some of the realistic traits included within. Jonas also emphasizes heavily upon space and texture. In Temple, there is a lot of space balanced through the painting. The pipe sits in the very far back against the wall, the trash bin just in front on the wall, and the figures with the oil can in the very front. The way he organizes everything gives an easy path for the eye to follow, helping the viewer take in the whole piece, giving it great sense of unity. The trashcan itself gives a good sense of space with all the trash sticking out and about. Texture is also very noticeable. The ground of Temple really showcases Jonas’s ability to give the realistic texture like feel. The ground is muddy and sticky and the oil paint technique brings that out. The clumpy like features oil paints bring with them are very well showcased here in the mud piles.  Jonas also uses a variety of shapes and forms. Not one object in Temple is similar or symmetrical to the other.  The trash bin is a great example of this. You would think a trashcan would have very similar objects, since it’s just a bunch of junk sitting in a bin. Yet, Jonas takes full advantage of this and uses a variety of objects that help bring out the full potential and value behind the piece. As always Jonas also puts great emphasis on his subjects with their bright colors against dark backgrounds. Viewers will easily notice the subjects when scanning the painting.

I wrote about Jonas Burgert, because of the unique and interesting style he brings compared to other artists. I loved how he utilizes the bright colors and brings out the bright intensity. It really makes his works stand out when you are in a room full of other artworks. I was also intrigued at his content and the subjects within his paintings. Many of his subjects are fantasy based and mystical in appearance. However, they are very human like at the same time giving them a realistic sense at the same time, making the paintings very mysterious overall. Enjoy the work….

Jonas Burgert and Temple

Jonas Burgert with "Temple"

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  1. Ótima postagem!!!! Linda a arte desse moço. Parece-me que ele teve influência explícita em Hieronimus Bosch! Adoro as obras de Bosch e Salvador Dali, inclusive minha arte também é surrealista.
    Muito bom.

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