Hennessy & Shepard Fairey Collaboration

Hennessy & Shepard Fairey Collaboration

Two Great Brands Mix Together

Hennessy & Shepard Fairey Collaboration

Hennessy & Shepard Fairey Collaboration; Image Via: Tinypic.com

I love it when I see collaborations between different artists, different industry-changing companies, or a mixture of both. It is always a special surprise to see what great success stories can produce when intertwined. The result is always a fascinating project that people will gobble up quickly because of the uniqueness and limited quantity produced. I’m sure you’ve been victim at least once to that heartbroken feeling when that special item shows Last One! only to show SOLD OUT when you press the purchase button…a day later yet too late. Well here’s another case of a special collaboration in the making with the famous cognac maker Hennessy, and street fashion brand Obey’s mastermind Shepard Fairey.

With a production run of 315,0000 individual bottles, the collaboration which is Hennessy’s fourth limited edition project, will showcase the best of two worlds. The legendary cognac taste from Hennessy along with the famous Obey star icon and design theme of Shepard Fairey. The collaboration, becomes available for your greedy hands to pick up in July and will come in two forms from which to choose. The standard 750ml, Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle running you a bargain price of $35.00 or Hennessy Limited Edition Deluxe Set at a tempting $150. The deluxe set includes  a couple of gold and silver labeled Hennessy bottles, a few collectable stickers, and keepsake booklet about the project. Only 1,500 of the Deluxe version will be made available for eager U.S. consumers.

Don’t Let This One Get Away

So, will you be one of the lucky 1,500 who pick up the deluxe set or be one of the regretful fans who wishes they had only clicked that purchase button a tad bit sooner? I think I’ve made up my mind. Pre-Order.



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