Essential Shoe Care Tips

Shoe Care Tips

Shoe Care Tips

Shoe Care Tips; Image Via: Creativecommons.com 

A shoe is an investment plain and simple. Whether you spend $50 on a generic pair of oxfords to some $800 on a pair of designer shoes, you should always know how to take care of your shoe wardrobe. Just as you feed and maintain your pet or make repairs to your car, a shoe should should be looked at the same way. It doesn’t require to be fed everyday like your pet or require the expensive monetary expenses as your car will eventually. Once to twice a month at least is all your shoe will be craving.

Invest In Shoe Trees

Shoe Care Tips

Shoe Tree; Image Via: Creativecommons.com 

Any leather shoe couldn’t ask for a better friend than a cedar shoe tree. Never heard of one? Let the educating begin. A shoe tree is basically a piece of cedar wood separated into two pieces with a spring mechanism connecting the two. The larger piece being for the front toe-box part of the shoe and the back to keep the heel straightened out.

Why cedar? Cedar wood is one of the best at absorbing moisture, the stuff that forms within the leather in your shoes after a hard day on the job. Moisture will eventually crease up the leather if not properly maintained which leads to shoe trees being used. While sucking out all the moisture out of your leather shoes, cedar wood also gives off pleasant aromatic features. People around you will thank you for using shoe trees instead of having to deal with your gross feet when you finally take em off. Keeping the leather looking smooth and clean while giving off nice aromatic features.

A shoe tree does the job and is essential if you want to get the most out of your favorite leather shoes. If possible try to have a pair for any leather shoe you have or care about in your wardrobe. Your local Nordstrom will have a great pair for a meager $20 or your Allen Edmonds if you have one nearby.

You Can Condition Shoes?

Shoe Care Tips

Skidmore’s Cream; Image Via: Skidmores.com

Yes, there is such a thing as a shoe conditioner. Just like what you use every morning in the shower to make your hair silky smooth, your shoe desires the exact same treatment. I personally try to condition my shoes at least once to twice a month. Your leather shoes take quite a bit of wear and tear everyday. Thus, the leather eventually starts to showcase its rough spots and edges. A shoe conditioner solves this issue and your shoes will love you for it.

Skidmore’s is one of the best out there and has worked wonders for all my shoe wardrobe. Supposedly the bee’s wax is the magic ingredient. I won’t argue. The small 6 oz. size has been lasting me almost a year. Buy a small case for $11 online.

Shoe Creme Polish and Horse Hair Brush

Shoe Care Tips

Shoe Shine; Image Via: Giorgentinewyork.com

You’ve now conditioned your shoes. Good job. But job’s not done yet. Here’s where your detailing skills come in handy. Every leather shoe has its own finish and thus should be applied accordingly with its natural finish. Easy. Black with black. Now that’s about it. You will then probably come across your random brown shades or your new modern gray hue. Here’s where it can get a bit tricky. If possible it always helps when your shoe brand supplies their own shoe polish hues since you can just directly apply that. However, if you have that weird chocolate brown or french burgundy shade you will have to do your best with the closest shoe creme colors you can find.

Apply only a little at first if your not 100% sure on the shading and let it dry. Otherwise I would advise using a neutral shoe creme if the colors are so distinguished that it would require using multiple shoe polishes. If your a brave soul go ahead and play around the best you can with the closest shoe creme colors you can find or take them to your local shoe shiner. Your cobbler will be able to do the job as well and shouldn’t charge you more than $5.

If your handy skills made it through applying the shoe creme and the shoe is looking fresh once again then find your horsehair brush. Horsehair has a natural shine to it which is why it is recommended for use when shining your shoe. After the shoe creme has dried then start lightly brushing over your shoe in swift straight motions to give it that beautiful sheen. Just don’t overdo it.

Well I Have Some Suede Shoes…

Shoe Care Tips

Suede Stone and Brush; Image Via: Workingperson.com

Thought you might. As most us will have at least that one suede shoe that deserves a different special treatment. First thing with all suede and most your leather shoes is to have a can of water repellent spray close by. Especially for your suede shoe treasures its a necessity. Suede + Water =  Shopping for new shoes. Apply a spray once a month and you’ll be fine. I would also recommend a suede brush and stone for your suede shoes. Your suede shoes will pick up some nasty gunk and or gum. It will happen. use your suede brush and gentle grate out the trash out of your suede.

Once you have done that a suede stone is always a nice finish to apply by helping  revitalize the texture. A suede stone is also good is you do happen to scuff up the suede texture. Using a circular motion apply the suede stone to the suede and it’ll look like nothing happened.

That bout wraps it up for your most essential shoe care tips. Buy all the goods and you’ll be set for the long haul. Your shoes will be content and you’ll be even happier being able to get a few more years out of your favorite shoes.





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