Does the Good Man Brand Sneaker Fit a Need?

The Good Man Brand Sneaker Review

What Does The Good Man Brand Sneaker Add That Isn’t Out There?

Good Man Brand Sneaker

I thought that same question. Another sneaker brand. Perfect. We always like a new brand that competes and brings something new to the table. Is there some unique story? Maybe it’s some new look that the brand brings to the table, something nobody else has thought of yet. The shoe world is a competitive and treacherous place. Tons of brands, millions of shoes being sold, where does a new brand come in? The sneaker world has been on straight fire the last few years and isn’t cooling down anytime soon. It’s literally the “it” shoe to have now. So what the the Good Man Brand sneaker bring that we haven’t seen in a men’s sneaker? Lets find out.

Russel Wilson Stands Behind the Good Man Brand

Good Man Brand Sneaker

Big name to have as a partner in the business and especially for marketing reasons. You have Russell Wilson as a backer, sounds like it should be the next big Common Projects to make a scene on the footwear market. Superstar status always brings a rookie brand to the scene and gives them the spotlight. This has definitely gotten the brand some attention. Good Man Brand also has a good cause behind it. With every purchase $3 is donated to the “Why Not You” Foundation for inner city kids. Cool guys here. So superstar status and some good fellas helping a cause, but what about the shoe itself.

Good Quality Shoe

I pulled on a pair the other day since I had never seen the brand’s stuff and my curiosity got to me. As mentioned I’ve always been big on the packaging of footwear, but that didn’t really push me to try on the shoe. It was actually the display colors of the Good Man Brand that caught my eye. Clear sky blue hues and rich saddle brown colors. What’s this brand? So I opened up another common blue shoe box and unraveled the ol’ dust bag. This shoe specifically was the Good Man Brand Legend Low Top. The shoes felt legit. Leather quality on point, Margom soles, and a very modernly simplistic design. The wax cotton shoe laces were a breeze to tie up as well. Always important to have some good quality laces with any pair of shoes.

Analyzing the shoes a little deeper, I slipped them on and was very surprised at how comfortable they were. The insole was soft and the fit was very comfortable. I would say they are shoes that you could slip right on and wear right away. I also noticed that the tongue design was slightly different as well. The Good Man Brand sneakers come up similar to Filling Pieces sneakers in that they’re slightly more upright. The tongue is pronounced just a big more and the front part of the upper rises higher as well. Something different. We’re working here.

I Want Details

Good Man Brand Sneaker

Details are always important and is usually the difference maker on what gets thrown into the shopping bag. Good Man Brand doesn’t do anything too fancy here. We’ve got some nice stitching next to the eyelets and it wraps around to the heel area. If there was any one detail about this shoe that made it any different that would be in the heel. Its got what you could maybe call a heel cover flap? Basically an enlarged cutout piece of leather that covers up more of the heel area than standard sneakers. I appreciated this since the heel area is an often overlooked design area with many sneakers. The design was very subtle as well with Good Man Brand emblazoned in gold on the middle of the leather. However, besides the two details the shoe just doesn’t get much points for the aesthetics and looks.

Good Man Brand Sneaker

Why Would I Purchase a Good Man Brand Shoe?

Good Man Brand Sneaker

Well the Good Man Brand Legend is comfortable and has some fun colorways. I really liked the sky blue color and the leather is definitely very supple. I also enjoyed the heel design where they spent more time developing it. However, for a $230 price point does it seal the deal against similar sneakers out there? To me it doesn’t. I could splurge a little bit more on some other Italian made designer shoes or go with some standard adidas. Vince and Brand Black are both brands with similar styles in the price range also offer more creative choices. The Good Man Brand sneaker looks just like a standard sneaker with Russell Wilson upping the brand. Throw me a pass.


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