My First Chinese Retail Stop: JUICE Streetwear

My First Chinese Retail Stop: JUICE streetwear is one of the leading streetwear outlets through the coastline of China and in the Hong Kong neighborhood. While I was traveling in China, I was on the hunt to find some trendy streetwear outlets through my stops. My only major stop was at this location, JUICE. Find out about what one of Asia’s top streetwear outlets is like.


The Must Visit City: Amsterdam

Must Visit City: Amsterdam: The title speaks for itself. If you haven’t visited the fairy tale inspiring city of Amsterdam you definitely should put it on your list of destinations. Find out why I greatly enjoyed the city and what you should visit…once your there.


Transcreation: A New International Marketing Tool

Transcreation: You have probably never heard of the word transcreation, but it holds an important part of today’s global business world. Transcreation holds especially important and influential with the marketing and communications departments. Learn a little bit about this new marketing tool and a cultural adaptability skill set to better understand cultures today.


N.B.K. Residence 2 by Bernard Khoury

N.B.K. Residence 2 By: Bernard Khoury: Beirut, Lebanon may not come across many people’s lists as possible living destinations, but the N.B.K Residence 2 may change that perception. Designed by the talented architect Bernard Khoury, this penthouse is one you’ll surely find yourself drooling over as it sure is a beaut.


David Černý Prague Sculpture Guide

David Černý is a Czech artist from Prague who is well known for his bizarre, controversial, yet very creative artworks that swarm Prague and other foreign countries. David Černý has scattered his sculptures around the city. I have provided a guide with instructions and locations on how to discover each one of Mr. David Černý sculptures.


Have You Ever Caught the Travel Bug?

The travel bug always sticks with you once get it. Traveling is one of the greatest things you can do in life and I always try to find an opportunity at least a couple times a year to venture somewhere new. Here are six of my favorite places I traveled to last year. Can you guess the locations?