5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018

5 Best Men's Shoes for Summer 2018

The 5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018. Everybody has booked those tickets to the warm weather destinations and as we’re all thinking, “What shoes am I going to bring?” Don’t worry, I’ve got some great options ready for you and they don’t include sandals. Step it up and think outside of what everyone wears to the warm resorts and beaches. Test the waters and give these other shoes a shot. Continue Reading


My First Chinese Retail Stop: JUICE Streetwear

JUICE streetwear

My First Chinese Retail Stop: JUICE streetwear is one of the leading streetwear outlets through the coastline of China and in the Hong Kong neighborhood. While I was traveling in China, I was on the hunt to find some trendy streetwear outlets through my stops. My only major stop was at this location, JUICE. Find out about what one of Asia’s top streetwear outlets is like. Continue Reading


Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River

Benjamin Von Wong's Underwater River

Benjamin Von Wong’s Underwater River: “Hyper-real” photographer Benjamin Von Wong’s takes his experimental ideas to a Mexican “cenote” for the Underwater River Project. Posing as a Chinese Cormorant Fisherman, Von Wong’s surreal photography is something that is worth taking a look at. Continue Reading


The Must Visit City: Amsterdam

Must Visit City: Amsterdam

Must Visit City: Amsterdam: The title speaks for itself. If you haven’t visited the fairy tale inspiring city of Amsterdam you definitely should put it on your list of destinations. Find out why I greatly enjoyed the city and what you should visit…once your there. Continue Reading


Transcreation: A New International Marketing Tool


Transcreation: You have probably never heard of the word transcreation, but it holds an important part of today’s global business world. Transcreation holds especially important and influential with the marketing and communications departments. Learn a little bit about this new marketing tool and a cultural adaptability skill set to better understand cultures today. Continue Reading