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Descendant of Thieves – An Underground Brand

Functional and Detailed All-In-One

Descendant of Thieves

Descendant of Thieves; Image Via: Dean Merli 

Descendant of Thieves is a brand I have been following since I discovered them last year. Ever since I picked up a couple of the brand’s shirts at Nordstrom I have been hooked onto the fit and design. Descendant of Thieves is behind the artsy mind of Dres Ladro, an artist based in Berlin, Germany. The name has some clever connotations and symbols behind it resembling both the heritage of the brand and of the designer, Dres Ladro himself.

The word “ladro” in Italian translates out to thief, hence the literal meaning behind the designers last name and a possible implication of being a lineal descendant of thieves… The name almost seems meant to be. If you have ever owned or looked at one of the brand’s pieces in person closely, you would see that there is what looks like an yellow ink dot splatter on each garment. Yes, it may seem like some random stitching mistake but the logo actually goes back to the logo of a psychological ink blot test done by some Swiss psychiatrist named Hermann Rorschach.

All Within the Product

If you take a closer peek at the logo, you will notice it is splattered in the form of a family tree and that the word “dot” itself is an acronym for…Descendant of Thieves. I’ll leave you to fit the puzzle pieces together here, but once you do notice you’ll see it’s quite fitting. Don’t you just love the little details and amount of intricate thought the brand built its brand image on? Well those little details also speak for the clothes themselves.

Limited Availability

When I picked up my button down, plaid shirt by Descendant of Thieves, one of the first things I noticed was the number stitched on the label. The number said 348, which of course spoke out for itself as a limited print set. Younger consumers these days, aka the Millennials, love being unique in what they wear and being different from others.

Having limited sets done like those only increases the attractiveness of owning a piece of apparel that you will most likely never see anyone else around you wear. Descendant of Thieves is said to make no more than 500 per design on average. This follows along perfectly with the ideology of Mr. Ladro himself in never wanting to see somebody else with the same piece of apparel as him. I couldn’t agree anymore with that type of thinking. Other labels on your garment will also look just as detailed. Even your wash tags will prescribe to you a cautious message on the care of your Descendant of Thieves apparel. Wear responsibly. 

Descendant of Thieves Message

Descendant of Thieves Message; Image Via: Fashion Indie 

As you can see from the pictures above, yellow seems to be a favorite of the Dres Ladro himself or the color theme of the brand. Yellow brand labels, yellow stitching details, yellow ink blots, yellow pocket liners…its what make Descendant of Thieves. The color definitely makes the details pop out and gives a nice contrast effect with almost every piece of apparel they make it seems.

Who Else Makes Secret Pockets?

On my button down shirt I noticed a hidden pocket  compartment stitched on the inside of the shirt. A nice little accessory feature and something that make you think of some thief features Dres Ladro himself has in mind. Clever man he is.  Some shirts will also feature angled pockets, how different a shirt can you get at this point? One of the other things I have to mention about this brand is the fit. Everything from the width of the shoulders, to the fit of the sleeves, and length of the shirts is spot on. The only length I’ll tag on the fit is the neck size, but that’s probably just me.

Descendant of Thieves Details

Descendant of Thieves Details; Image Via: Yuppie Guide

Check out the Descendant of Thieves clothing lines. It’s a great underground fashion label that  molds in perfectly with its brand culture. Something from Descendant of Thieves is sure to make you distinguished from the wolf pack whether it’s waking up early in the morning to a late night out in town.

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