Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run Shoe Review

Alexander Wang’s Craziest Collaboration Yet

The Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run is Beyond Different

We have seen what Alexander Wang can do with his past releases in collaboration with adidas. He has brought out the vibrant colors before and gotten funky with different textiles, but have we seen such a mixture of both elements? The answer is no. This is the craziest that Alexander Wang has gotten with shoes yet. Props to adidas on letting Alexander Wang get to another level with his creative senses on this release. This was something nobody expected to see. To some these will probably be just too out of the ordinary. To the people who can really appreciate shoe design, then they will see this as some next level stuff. I’ve been waiting to scoop up the Reissue Run in the orange and green combination for a while now. Honestly, the shoes look better than the picture. Lets break the sneaker down the Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run sneaker.

Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run

First Thoughts on the Reissue Run

Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run

It stands out. People will definitely notice your shoes and you will probably get a mix of comments. As the Reissue Run came in two color options, I believe both are great choices. The orange option definitely showcases the different textiles materials in a more exciting manner. With the orange underlying foam under the mesh and dominance of the heel, I thought it was the choice to completely differentiate itself from anything in anyone’s shoe closet. Can you think of any shoe that even remotely compares to the Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run? I don’t think so. Shoe laces and lacing systems continue to evolve. Alexander Wang continues to lead the way in revamping this area and especially with the toggle design of this shoe. I’ll talk about the fit of the shoe later, but putting the shoe on is a very unique feel.

How Many Materials We Talking?

Alexander Wang Reissue Run Industrial Details

We have suede, mesh, neoprene, rubber, leather, and an assortment of other manufactured textiles. Each material distinctly stands out and does its part in bringing the whole shoe silhouette together. There is also (what I’m guessing) a carbon fiber section above that midsole that stands out with its silver checkered pattern. If you ever get to try handle the shoes in person you’ll experience right away how awesome it is to feel the different surfaces of the whole shoe. The Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run really exemplifies a design that was put together a from the material scraps of a manufacturing facility. Somehow with some tinkering the design came out magnificently.

Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run Midsole

The Setup

No laces, no problem. Lets check out how the toggles work. When you first the grasp the shoes to put on you’ll immediately notice that their laced pretty snug. The tongue hardly budges but works smoothly with your foot when you slip it on. Taking a peek inside, you’ll notice that it has some elastic bands connected to the insole to give you just the right amount of stretch. The rubber toggle holder doesn’t seem like it will really do too much with the adjusting of the toggle tightness. The toggle is thoughtfully made with a soft rubber grip that does it make it easy to grasp comfortably. Those elastic holders on the side are also surprisingly sturdy to where they won’t rip from holding the toggle band.

The One-of-a-Kind Fit

Now for the fit into the shoe. Like I mentioned when you first grab on to the tongue it doesn’t seem like it’ll budge. However, as you stick you toes in and then your front foot, it just seems to magically adjust with the entry of your foot for a split sec. It is a snug, but not an uncomfortable fit at all. To describe how the fit is with the toggle lacing system on this shoe is difficult without trying it yourself. The whole upper part of the shoe just knows how to adjust with your foot. You’ll definitely find yourself gripping the orange, neoprene heel very tightly when you put the shoe on though. Careful with the blue felt grip though, that may come unattached a little easier.

Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run Heel

The Industrial Details

There is industrial edginess written all over the Reissue Run. One of the most noticeable illustrations of this is the stamping of emblems on the green part of the outsole. It literally gives the official stamp of approval for passing the quality control test on the bottom as well as some other signs that Alexander Wang would have to answer himself. The adidas trefoil logo for collaboration, the season release, and yeah it’s all right there.

Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run Foam Padding

The other industrial part that really stood out to me was how the orange neoprene edging isn’t completely encased. The yellow foam padding peeks out as if somebody sliced it with a sharp razor blade. Does it give the shoe a little toughness? That’s how I see it at least. There is also the green plastic sleeve on the very front of the toggle lacing system that has its VPN information. Last but not least, there is the rubber mud guard on the front. To me it’s all part of the edgy, industrial vibe of the shoe.

adidas quality check logos on trefoil sole

Trefoil Sole You Say

People may really get a kick out of this. It’s actually pretty neat and creative as well. Adidas definitely wanted to stamp their influence onto the shoe somewhere and where better than the entire bottom of the shoe. A ring of trefoils sprouting every direction. It almost looks as if they were molded separately and heated on to give it that trailblazing look from the side of the shoe. I life the effect. It actually really gives the shoe some nice tread on the bottom. Adidas may also get a design reference into the boost-lookalike midsole. It’s not a boost sole, but seems like a stiffer variant of it. Some have called it a sponge like surface . It looks and almost feels like a Pumice rock to me. It is weird though, but just adds to the overall flavor of the shoe itself.

Trefoil Sole

What Are Your Thoughts on the Alexander Wang x adidas Reissue Run?

You need to buy this guy. It’s unique in a variety of aspects. From the textiles, the color combinations, and the weird but comfortable toggle system, it should have a place in your shoe collection. I’m really excited to see what other color combos may come from this or possibly other textile scraps Alexander Wang can find laying around. The Reissue Run is a new breed of footwear from Alexander Wang that definitely jumps to the top of some of his best footwear designs.

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