adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze Review

The adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze Review

One of The Best Colorways Released Yet This Year

adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze

One after another, the adidas ultraBOOST continue the onslaught of new releases and colors. If a shoe continues to be so successful then why not giving the consumers what they want? There have definitely been some hits and some misses. You find what works and move on. Adidas though nailed it with this colorway. Though the adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze has been out for some time (Spring 2017), I still believe this has been one of the best looking ones yet. I was able to snag my adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze from the adidas site and to this day it continues to be one of my go-to shoes.

What’s This Color Exactly?

adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze

I’ve seen it written and called a bundle of creative ways. Bronze, rust, orange, bronzed-out, are the the most popular. From what I have seen on most sites, the general consensus is “bronze”. It is a bronze, it’s just such a different color than what we see on most shoes that most people just don’t know what the color is. One thing I think we can all agree on is this colorway with the black on bronze is sexy. The colors just flow like they were meant to be. If you keep up with many of the ultraBOOST releases then I think you would also agree that this has to be one of the best looking models yet.

The Texture

adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze

The adidas ultraBOOST 3.O Bronze brings out some new elements from previous ultraBOOST styles from previous releases. First off the upper black primeknit is more of a speckled primeknit. The blend of what looks like a blend you;d see on cotton shirts gives it a more flavorful punch. It’s that speckled primeknit which other than the bronze color that really helps this shoe also stand out. You’ll also notice that the back heel cup is also more of a matte finish. When you test out the texture in person it definitely has a different surface finish to it. I have to say, it’s one of my favorite parts of the shoe.

BOOST heel

All 100% Genuine Leather

Yes, that cage around the shoe is all real leather. It feels all 100% of it too, smooth quality leather. To me this was one of the finishing touches that gives this shoe the complete effect and makes it the real deal. What makes this shoe so special than the color? The texture and textiles used, a combination of the both. When opening the box you’ll see a couple of tags attached to the lacing and one of them is the leather hide logo. The same logo that you usually see on many leather dress shoes to prove the authenticity of the leather. It’s a nice little detail that gives you the assurance your getting a top-notch shoe.

Same Comfort We’re Used To

Continental Sole

As with all the other ultraBOOST shoes out there, the midsole makes the shoe feel like a pillow. It’s just that comfortable and for those who own ultraBOOST shoes, then you know. The midsole basically absorbs all impact as you step with all your pressure onto it. And it soaks all right in. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I like the styrofoam-looking texture finish. The shoe also utilizes the Continental outsole on the very bottom. Once again this shoe is all about the textures and that “bronze” right? Check out my other review on the adidas x kolor Uncaged ultraboost for some more in depth thoughts on the sole.

Final Thoughts On the adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze

adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze

The adidas ultraBOOST 3.0 Bronze has become one of my go-to shoes outside of work. I love the colorway combination and the use of textures within this shoe is just eye candy. At first you may be a bit uneasy about the color and think of how different it is. However, when you try it on and look in the mirror I believe you’ll be hunting for a pair of your own.

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