adidas Solar Inspiration NMD Review

My First Take of a Pharrell NMD 

Cultures, Communication, and Color 

A new month means another release drop for sneaker heads to further spend their hard earned money on. The adidas footwear factory engines continue to grind away at a rapid pace with new styles every week it seems. It’s hard just to keep up with all the non-stop releases on the shoe release calendar! Pharrell has also been busy at work with his more frequent footwear releases, of which this time I decided to partake in.

adidas Solar Inspiration NMD Chinese Characters

This November brought the release of the adidas Solar “Inspiration” Pack in four colorways. The release seemed to have a bigger production batch as shopping sites still had available sizes throughout the day. I decided on the Powder Blue / Light Pink color combo. My footwear closet doesn’t really have this color way and it seemed like an interesting combination. 

First Thoughts on the adidas Solar Inspiration NMD Review

This different take with the customizable laces and the NMD plugs on the side connects with a specific customer. If you’re comfortable with vibrant colors, clashing patterns, and a more modernistic take of footwear then the adidas Solar NMD’s would probably be a great fit. For the just explained reasons, this is why it has taken me so long to even think about trying on a pair. The Pharrell NMDs aren’t disappearing anytime soon and there will always be new color way releases. As a result, there will always be a growing base of the initial customer base and people who get hooked into  future designs. 

Pharrell x adidas HU Collaboration

Pharrell has also been a big promoter of including powerful messages that resonate with equality and the mixing of cultures with fashion. Pharrell loves incorporating “Leetspeak” within his footwear, a style of replacing letters with numbers. If you’re one who resonates with this style then you’ll probably be very intrigued with this footwear selection. 

Solar Inspiration NMD Options 

The adidas Solar Inspiration NMD came out in four colorways. The Powder Blue option that I am reviewing, a core black, neutral white, and a unique clear sky model. For comparison these are a much toned-down color variety from the previously released “Afro” pack. However, the “Inspiration” Pack still keeps the multicolor geometric print on the piping of the ankle. 

adidas Solar Inspiration NMD with 3M

My Powder Blue Solar NMDs came with an extra pair of powder blue laces giving you the option to showcase a monochromatic look for the upper. Showcase that individualism! One of the really cool details about these NMDs is the incorporation of 3M technology with the laces and in the heel tab. The reflective technology is a nice subtle statement that people may really enjoy and gives off a little extra flair. Everybody always enjoys the options of extra laces. I know I hate having to find replacements since you always want that same pair from the brand. 

Fit and Comfort Level

adidas Solar Inspiration NMD

One of my first thoughts for writing the adidas Solar Inspiration NMD Review was how the fit and comfort of these bright guys were going to be. The NMD have both a full length boost mid-sole and a primeknit upper, both staples of adidas technology. I have a pair of Ultra-Boost shoes which I absolutely love. The Primeknit material is thin and breathable , both important factors of sneakers. They do not however keep your feet well positioned, but that is probably a minor factor for many of you. For sizing, I would also recommend going down a half size.

Sliding into the adidas Solar Inspiration NMD is not easy as many other reviewers have also mentioned. For a wider foot the struggle will be real, as I even had to wiggle my slightly wider foot in. There is no give or stretch within that ankle opening area. After getting my foot in and walking around, I definitely noticed the well-known comfort level of the Boost mid-sole. The technology has definitely become a game changer for adidas.

We Have EVA Issues

adidas Solar Inspiration NMD EVA Plug

While I definitely appreciate the Boost technology being incorporated with the Solar NMD line, I can’t say the same for the EVA plugs on the side. As I was walked around, I continually felt a large lump under the arch of my foot that didn’t seem to quite match up. After testing it out, I realized it was the pink EVA plugs on the inside that put the awkward and uncomfortable pressure on my foot. Though it may seem like a thin piece of plastic, you’ll feel that as part of the footbed construction it raises the insole up and stiffens up the area. Some may argue that it gives it extra support (which it does), but this is something I would give up from a comfort standpoint. 

Outsole Differences and Detailing 

As with some of the previous Pharrell NMD releases, the Solar Inspiration Pack changed up the outsole. This new outsole feels more rigid, almost like a hiking oriented sole for tough terrains. The traction pattern is also more spread out and the outermost rim of the sole has small rubber spikes as well. I’m assuming that these soles should last longer than previous models, but you will have to let me know on that. 

adidas Solar Inspiration NMD Rugged Sole

Some small details that I’ve already mentioned included the 3M technology, multicolor geometric piping print, and interchangeable laces. These shoes also include the Chinese characters for “Empower” and “Inspire” on each side of the foot.  The insole is another multicolored design with shapes representing different parts of the internal organs of the human body. This once again coincides with part of the HU communication line that Pharrell has been big on sending. 

Wrap Up of adidas Solar Inspiration NMD Review

adidas Solar Inspiration NMD Pair

After walking around in these shoes, my opinion for the adidas Solar Inspiration NMD Review is that I wouldn’t recommend these shoes, for very specific reasons. One, I just am just not the customer to rock this type of silhouette. The shoes are definitely attention grabbers and may very well represent a targeted consumer’s style. The other factor was the comfort level. The EVA plugs on the side would be too bothersome for me on the long-term usage. It would bother me to where I would just switch into something else and never wear these again. 

Feel free to review my other adidas NMD review and share your thoughts of the adidas Solar Inspiration NMD here.  

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