5 Reasons to Wear a Tie Bar

The Tie Bar. An Essential Accessory Many Forget

My 5 Reasons to Wear a Tie Bar With Your Tie

Dressing up is important. Making sure to check off every detail to complete an outfit is just an important. However, the tie bar is one that seems to get more forgotten by the season. Tie bars are an essential piece to completing a suit and showing that you really care about the complete outfit. Here are my 5 reasons to wear a tie bar starting tomorrow.

5 Reasons to Wear a Tie Bar

#1.  It Completes the Outfit

To me forgetting about wearing a tie bar when wearing a tie is like forgetting the shoe laces to a shoe. It completes the outfit and compliments everything you have put together. When guys stroll around in their suits and their tie is just kinda dangling there, I just think to myself “Does he know what a tie bar is?” These days many guys don’t care to think of what kind of accessories may elevate their outfit to an even better looking standard. Guys have gotten lazier in spending just an extra second to toggle with a piece of metal to make that outfit have just a tad more pop. Just think about it and do a little research into pictures that have an outfit with a tie bar included. You might just surprise yourself and when you do make sure to pick up a few different tie bars.

5 Reasons to Wear a Tie Bar

#2. Made For a Reason

The title is pretty self-explanatory. Tie bars and tie clips were all made for a reason. To keep that darn tie in place. Ties are an important accessory and look good when their in the right place. They don’t stay in place forever though. When you’re leaning over that tie will just  drop right down. You get up and start moving around in a fast pace that tie is going to start swooshing around. When you finally sit down that tie is going to be all rolled up like a dirty mop. That’s where the tie bar comes in. It wants to keep you looking sharp at all times and gives you another accessory to customize. Keep that tie in place at all times by just wearing a tie bar. You’ll never have to worry about the tie being in the wrong place again.

#3. Showcase Your Fashion Confidence

It’s important to showcase you know what you’re doing with your outfit. It could be going to work in that pinstripe suit or just wearing a t-shirt for a casual night to the bars. How you dress is a perfect representation of your lifestyle and your personality. Maybe you’re a button-down shirt and denim guy. Maybe you’re the guy who wears a three-piece to work every day. Your style showcases to everyone around you what you’re all about.

The tie bar is just one more way to showcase that fashion style with any of your outfits that entail a tie. What’s even better is that tie bar can further showcase a little bit more about you. Perhaps you wear a straight metallic tie bar with a solid tie. Cool. Maybe you decide to showcase your style even more by wearing a patterned tie bar or novelty tie bar with that solid tie. Sweet. The outfit has a little more pizzazz to it and makes you seem like you have a better understanding of how to elevate your style subtly. Invest in a nice mix of tie bars and combo it up with your tie. I promise you someone will notice.

5 Reasons to Wear a Tie Bar

#4. Your Own Personal Style and Story

This “ties” into #3 a bit in that it showcases you are ready to bring the fashion authority within you up a notch. To me this is also probably the most important of the 5 reasons to wear a tie bar list. Yes a tie bar and any fashion accessory can showcase the fashion confidence you have to rock the pieces. However, it also showcases yourself. Maybe you pick up a few novelty tie bars.

If you look online you’ll see pineapple tie bars, anchor tie bars, and baseball bat tie bars. These were all made for a reason. To further showcase your personality a bit. Maybe you are that sports guy an you have the baseball tie bar or colored tie bar to represent your team. Maybe you have that anchor bar because you feel it relates to you somehow. Your tie bar can also be a conversation starter. Someone may notice that tie bar you’re wearing and it can lead from one topic to the next. I have my collection and it’s nice to be able to mix-it-up on the tie bars with the outfits. Once again, many men are forgetting tie bars these days and it’s unfortunate. However, for the gents who do care, it gives them just one more way to give them that unique fashion edge.

5 Reasons to Wear a Tie Bar

#5. This Extends Out to 5 Rules to Follow When Wearing a Tie Bar

  1.  Never wear a tie bar or tie clip wider than your tie. 
    • It looks awful. If it’s a skinny tie wear a shorter tie bar. For wider ties wear slightly wider tie bars.
  2.  Don’t wear with a vest. 
    • The Tailored Man explains this well. A vest holds the tie in place, basically taking the reason out of wearing a tie bar.
  3.  Wear it horizontally, no angles.
    • I don’t know where the theory of wearing tie bars angled came from. Wear it horizontally the way it should be.
  4.  Place it between the 3rd and 4th button.
    • The Gentle Manual has the best visual reference for this. This seems to be the general rule of thumb to where it looks the most visually appealing.
  5.  Properly place the tie bar to the shirt. 
    • Make sure the tie bar or tie clip is properly attached to the shirt otherwise you’ll still have a flowy tie. Also pull up on your tie slightly when locking in the tie bar to make it look more relaxed. This also helps so that the tie bar isn’t pulling on your tie.

Hopefully my 5 reasons to wear a tie bar convinces you to do a little more research into your fashion accessory wardrobe. The next tie you’re out shopping or roaming about online, take five minutes to looks up tie bars. There’s a vast selection and would be wise to pick up a mix of styles. I have found a niche little hobby collecting tie bars and you may too. Share some of the tie bars and tie clips you end up purchasing below! If you enjoyed check out my post out men’s sneakers with suit combo, another top trend in men’s fashion.

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