5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018

What are the 5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018?

The Hot Weather, Travel Plans, and Comfort Will Help Answer That

Summer 2018. It’s heating up already. If you live in a warm location already, then you’re probably doing just fine in the summer footwear category. However, if you’re in a different climate or have some fancy travel plans for the summer then you’re probably starting to think about your shoe collection. Every guy has some staples already or that favorite pair you bring for every trip. Lets start talking about adding to that favorite pair and boosting up your summer 2018 shoe collection. Here’s the 5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018 I have for you.

The Boat Shoe

Yes, a good boat shoe. It probably came first to mind for you anyway and that’s going to be one of your go-to shoes for this summer. There is one brand that has always done it best and that’s Sperry Top-Sider. It’s their staple and they’ve nailed it down with their materials and comfort combo. I own a few pairs of the Sperry Top-Siders, but if you get a chance try on their Gold Cup line. It’s a step-up from their Top-Sider line but gives you the extra needed comfort with the super soft lamb-skin lining. Yeah it may seem like the shoe all frat boys wear out there, but skip the stigma and find yourself a nice pair of boat shoes to rock the summer out in.

Sperry Topsider Authentic Original 2-Eye

Casual Driving Moccasin

Maybe the boat shoe thing just isn’t doing it for you. Still wanting something that you could slip your foot into, but still be somewhat dress casual? Look at your options with driving moccasins. Anything with that rubber base that extends up into the heel area will fit the title. There are a ton of options, from the ones who do it best at Tods with the Gommino Driving Moc to Cole Haans and Ted Bakers. See if the pebbled leather base or just standard rubber sole feels more like you. I enjoy the pebbled leather look as I think it steps the shoe style up a notch.

5 Best Men's Shoes for Summer 2018

The Waterproof Option

You’re going to find yourself on some beach and you happen to stare right down at your nice leather boat shoes. Maybe you get them wet and just air dry them later. Or you come prepared with a pair of waterproof shoes that still look just as good as a boat shoe. If you haven’t come across this brand then you must spare me just a minute to explain. Swims is a Norwegian brand that started out back in 2006 by producing galoshes. Water is what their brand is all about and what has defined them as a brand. Made out of all-natural rubber and anti-slip/marking soles, Swims combines the best of style and functionality for the summer time. I wore mine to Mexico and absolutely loved them. They’re super breathable as well and are ramping out a nice new line of options for the upcoming season as well.

5 Best Men's Shoes for Summer 2018

The Espardille

I’ll be up front, I hate flip flops and sandals. Never been a fan of them and just think that men could pick out a better option that some ugly sandals. Ever given Espadrilles a shot? A casual slip-on style shoe with the defining esparto rope sole circling the outer sole. A perfect summer, casual style shoe that comes in a plethora of options. Maybe you find yourself mixing and matching some fun colors to go with those party outfits for the summer.5 Best Men's Shoes for Summer 2018

Thom Browne Coated Canvas Espadrille

A Breathable Sneaker

You were probably wondering where the sneaker option was going to pop up. This is an option you may find yourself owning already, but for the summertime make sure it is something super breathable. Perforated leather, canvas and lightweight material are what I’d recommend. If you’re trying to rock that barefoot look with chino style image that every style magazine puts out, then invest a little time here. You can either go with the driving moccasin or go with the sneaker option here. Try on some different materials and colors, summer is always the time to sport the awesome print shirts and eye-catching footwear.
Moncler Horace Sneaker

Recommendations for 5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018?

Those are my recommendations for the 5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018. Yes, i do hate on the open-toe footwear for guys. If I don’t believe in it I wouldn’t recommend it. However, there are so many other options out there that you’ll hopefully fine the best footwear options for yourself this option. Let me know if there’s any brands you’d recommend for the 5 Best Men’s Shoes for Summer 2018 and I’ll try to add them in!

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