Your Typical Nendo Triangle Roomshoes

Nendo Triangle Roomshoes

Nendo Triangle Roomshoes

Nendo Triangle Roomshoes

Japanese design studio Nendo, has decided to redesign the whole silhouette of a slipper. What is officially known as the Nendo Triangle Roomshoes look exactly like what a gnome would be trotting around in. A simple triangle silhouette slip-on.  With many cultures, particularly Asian cultures switching into slippers at the doorway this could be a very convenient options for households.

Nendo Triangle Roomshoes

Nendo Stackable Slippers

The Nendo Cone slippers come with a great emphasis on functionality. When stacked upright like a wizard’s hat, people have the option to conveniently stack the shoes upright. Thus reducing the need for shelving and reducing space usage in an efficient manner. I’m sure many could find great benefit to this in Asia, where I personally know many have closet wardrobes and shoe racks overfilling with visitor slippers to use.


For the wearer, functionality was also brought into mind, something Nendo design studio seems to consistently amaze us with. Looking at the slipper you would think your heel would probably be hanging over the edge. Due to the technical nature of this simple shoe, Nendo designed the slipper to fold around the instep area of the foot. Leading to a better overall fit on the foot. However, I’m sure you will not find these the most anatomically supportive design for your foot.

Triangular slippers by Nendo

Nendo also took a heavy look into the materials utilized in developing the shoe. The Nendo Triangle Roomshoes will be available in both a synthetic leather and polyester material. This solves comfort, pricing, and ease-of-use around the house. Pricing is currently sitting at $35 a pair in their homeland country of Japan as they are not available elsewhere in the world…yet. With a choice of four colors, I find the Nendo Cone Slipper, or “Triangle Roomshoe” to be a creative option to the standard slipper, but something that could be produced at home or found elsewhere for a cheaper price. Moroccan slipper anyone? Take your pick.

Images Via: Nendo.jp


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