Red Bull Illume Denver Exhibit 2011

The Red Bull Illume is an annual competition that Red Bull holds for extreme sports photographers to take the best sports action shot. The best photos are taken and are categorized into 1 of the 10 different category themes. These include Close Up, Energy, Experimental, Illumination, Culture, New Creativity, Playground, Sequence, Spirit, and Wings. I was fortunate enough to catch the show on the last day it was being set up in Denver. It was pretty remarkable to see these photos and how intense it must have been for the photographer to get the angle on the shot. Here are some of the shots I took…

Toby Caughron

Photo Taken By: Toby Caughron

Christoph Schoch

Photo Taken By: Christoph Schoch

Stuart Gibson

Photo Taken By: Stuart Gibson

Nathan Smith

Photo Taken By: Nathan Smith

Alessio Barbanti

Photo Taken By: Alessio Barbanti

Stehpane Cande

Photo Taken By: Stehpane Cande

2011 Denver Red Bull Illume Exhibit

2011 Denver Red Bull Illume Exhibit

Hopefully the show comes by soon again!

Official Website: http://bit.ly/LQ3xLX




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