Kodykoala My Toys!

If you like authentic toys and the bloody, grotesque nature of zombies then look no further. KodyKoala has come out with a new set of Nintendo based zombie figures that definitely look sweet as hell. KodyKoala continues to put out new collectible figurines that bring up some interesting ideas. Never pictured Yoshi bleeding his guts out huh?  Doesn’t look like he’ll be hatching more dino eggs anytime soon either. Look at the new set below!

KodyKoala Yoshi

Kody Koala Peach

And we thought Peach was such an innocent little being all along… Toad must have thought so too. He was just as surprised as us, cept poor little guy got the rough ending….

KodyKoala Luigi

Luigi to the rescue?! Eh, might have to look elsewhere. Looks like the Luigi encountered the Peach monster too… Would you pay $160  to give poor Luigi a home too? Someone on Ebay felt so.


You forgot someone Peach! Toadette wasn’t bout to get caught up in the whole craze as soon of the ol’ group did. Toadette’s out for some revenge, just look at that arsenal! For the full collection of KodyKoala’s other creative pieces check out the link below. http://bit.ly/ePOory

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