I Like My Louis Vuitton Piglets

Louis Vuitton Piglet

Like my new tattoos?

So you like Louis Vuitton? And pigs as well? Look no further than your own Louis Vuitton pigs. These pigs are one of a kind. Designed by a Belgian artist these select pigs are special trademarks of Louis Vuitton, with the brand logo tattooed all over their bodies. How do you think they look with their new coat?

Louis Vuitton Piglet

Louis Vuitton Piglet

“The pigs with the trademark LV symbol were to form part of an exhibition at the Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair, together with eight other tattooed pigs.
Created by Wim Delvoye, a 43-year-old Belgian conceptual artist, they were part of an exhibit called “Art Farm”.

Mr Delvoye had tattooed the designs on the animals when they were piglets and tracked the “canvases” as they grew.” (Telegraph)
This is definitely a fresh, original idea. Real animals aren’t usually applied into peoples artwork, so this wanders into a new area of art.  It has also generated a lot of heated debate as to whether this is ethical or not. However, don’t be surprised if this new art technique gets applied to other animals in the future.
So would you buy one of these cute artworks for yourself?
Check out the Louis Vuitton pigs in action.


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