Common Projects Achilles Low Shoe Review

Common Projects Achilles Low – Grey Suede

What’s that sneaker everyone is talking about?

Common Projects Achilles Low

I finally picked up my own pair of Common Projects Achilles Low shoes up. It’s about time as I have been eyeing these studs for over a year. Browsing through shoe websites and Common Projects Achilles Low always popped up. Strolling through a fashion retail outlet and Common Projects Achilles Low standing on display. What was the latest blogger talking about for sneakers? His latest Common Projects. I decided on the dark grey suede and it has been nothing short but what I thought they’d be. Here is why.

Common Projects Achilles Low

Common Projects was started by two guys from New York who basically wanted to redefine the minimalistic sneaker. The first pair the Achilles sneakers was born in 2004 and the brand has since blown up. The original sneakers came in only three colors at first. Take a guess? Yes black, grey, and white. The sneakers which usually require $400 have become the new challenger within the fashion sneaker market. Big-box fashion retail outlets have all picked them up and they can be seen on a variety of sites online. So what made this simple looking suede sneaker stand out from the thousands of other brands out there? They bridged the gap between sneakers and fashion. And the golden numerics on the side have given them that instant recognition. That personal flair where you won’t see the same set of numbers of anyone else’s pair of Common Projects.

Common Projects Achilles Low

I usually wear a size 9 for men’s footwear and in my Common Projects Achilles Low I snatched up a size 42. As the brand doesn’t do half sizes they have just a touch bit of room in the toe box. If you’re a half sizer I would recommend going down. My size fits great and I wouldn’t go down as the width feels comfortable. I have a pretty average foot width, maybe a tad on the wide and these Common Projects don’t fit narrow. A majority of the people who I questioned for sizing say they fit narrow, I won’t be buying into that anymore. You have a slighter wider foot, they’ll fit just fine.

Common Projects Achilles Low

A first-hand experience with any Common Project shoe and they will feel just like the money-tag on the box. The suede leather is rich and the shoe construction just feels like it’s there. You can feel cheap quality leather when you go to a shoe store and pick up a pair of shoes. You just have that instant click in your head where you know the shoe quality is not quite all there. This is good stuff. All Common Projects shoes are made in Italy.

Common Projects Achilles Low

Common Projects are made with a Margom cup-sole instead of being vulcanized like most sneakers are. With a Margom cup-sole you are getting a better built shoe since they are glued and stitched to the upper. This is why they are a more durable shoe in general and also consist of  a higher-quality grade rubber. I have worn my Common Projects for a good few times and you can hardly see any wear on the heels. If you have a wider foot the sole design also tends to fit better.

One distinct feature I noticed about the Common Projects was the plush tongue of the shoe. It has a nice grip to it and you can feel the extra padding embedded within it. I thought it gave a nice aesthetic lift to the tongue of the shoe and made it stand upright a bit more. All throughout the lining of the top back-heel area you will notice the cushion lining. I feel like you don’t see that in many sneakers these days. It fills in the side gaps of the shoe and gives you an extra layer of comfort. The insole of the shoe is also cushioned well and contains the emblazoned logo with Made In Italy stenciled in. All this has definitely added to the all-day walking capability of these shoes with not one area of discomfort anywhere.

Common Projects Achilles Low

Final Thoughts

The shoes come in a very minimalistic box, a reference of the approach the designers took with their shoes. Along with a white dust bag and extra pair of shoe laces (bonus always) the Common Projects Achilles Low are worth the hype that has been built up. The shoes are of high-quality and are super comfortable. Take your chance on a pair and I believe you’ll find a new go-to brand for your sneaker preference.


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