Footwear Marketing Ads – November 2016

Fashion Marketing Videos

Fashion Marketing Video Ads – November: The latest roundup of some of the latest fashion marketing video advertisements. Do these fashion marketing video ads connect? Continue Reading


Your Typical Nendo Triangle Roomshoes

Nendo Triangle Roomshoe

Your Typical Nendo Triangle Roomshoes: The new Nendo Triangle Roomshoes may look like your average house slipper at first glance. Functionality, comfort, ease-of-use. The Nendo Triangle Roomshoes nail it and have a much more technical upside than what your currently rocking around in the house. Continue Reading


Fashion Marketing Video Ads – August

Oliberte footwear

Fashion Marketing Video Ads: The latest roundup of fashion marketing video ads compiled up for you to take a gander at. This month includes ads from Oliberté, John Lobb, and a video with a mashup of a variety of footwear ads. Continue Reading


Zim & Zou Hermès Shanghai Outlet

Zim & Zou Shanghai Hermes

Zim & Zou Hermès Shanghai Outlet: Hermes has reunited ties with fellow French based design duo Zim & Zou on designing Hermès Shanghai retail outlet. With inspiration from the Museum of Natural History and Cabinet of Curiosities, the “Wunderkrammer” concept is sure to strategically bring in a new wave of curious luxury Chinese shoppers. Continue Reading


Transcreation: A New International Marketing Tool


Transcreation: You have probably never heard of the word transcreation, but it holds an important part of today’s global business world. Transcreation holds especially important and influential with the marketing and communications departments. Learn a little bit about this new marketing tool and a cultural adaptability skill set to better understand cultures today. Continue Reading


N.B.K. Residence 2 by Bernard Khoury

N-B-K Residence 2 By: Bernard Khoury

N.B.K. Residence 2 By: Bernard Khoury: Beirut, Lebanon may not come across many people’s lists as possible living destinations, but the N.B.K Residence 2 may change that perception. Designed by the talented architect Bernard Khoury, this penthouse is one you’ll surely find yourself drooling over as it sure is a beaut. Continue Reading