The Art of Camille Rose Garcia

Camille Rose Garcia

Camille Rose Garcia

Arctic Cavern Hideaway; Image Via: Danielascarel.it

Camille Rose Garcia is a lowbrow artist from the heart of Los Angeles. She was one of those artists whose work just popped out while browsing through a magazine. I had to dig further to see what else I could scope out.

Looking through her artwork was a treasure trove of colorful and twisted cartoonish elements that brought about a very interesting style. Hello Harley Quinn? Her work could probably be best described as a dark, Gothic cartoonish version of Disney characters (just on the opposite end of the spectrum.)

Her array of works has included doing her own versions of Alice in Wonderland and Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Each of her works contains a dark style and element that show a different side to the characters with each of these children stories.

Camille Rose Garcia

The Dreamer; Image Via: Emptykingdom.com

Looking at her work you can definitely sense a type of evilness portrayed along with a hint of cultural artistic elements.  I would say almost a tad Middle Easternish as some of the paintings look like henna tattoos.  As you will see each of her works contains a signature style element. That is a drip effect which really adds to the overall mood of the paintings. As with the drips there is also a common incorporation of a blotting effect that adds a nice detailed touch.

Camille Rose Garcia

Camille Rose Garcia; Image Via: Artchival.com 

The latest work done by Camille Rose Garcia is “Black Moon New York”. This was a collaborative exhibition with three other women artists. In the meantime check out these other photos of her work. In the future keep an eye out for a new toy company she supposedly has in the works.

Camille Rose Garcia

“Lil Elorphant”; Image Via: Hifructose.com

Camille Rose Garcia

Snow White; Image Via: Wicked-halo.com

Camille Rose Garcia

The Hydra of Babylon; Image Via: Mymodernmet.com


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