adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged Kolor Shoe Review

0 adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged Kolor

The official adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged Kolor Shoe Review: I finally snagged a limited release adidas sneaker. They seem to be popping out hotcakes these days with one every week or so. The adidas UltraBOOST Uncaged Kolor shoes finally arrived and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all. Stroll through and check out some pictures as well. Continue Reading


Top Men’s Sneakers Spring 2017

Top Men's Sneakers Spring 2017

Top Men’s Sneakers Spring 2017: Here is my current selection of what I believe are some of the most exciting sneakers for men currently on the market. A range of styles, price ranges, and brands all for you to discover what may be for you. Continue Reading


The Gucci Ace Low Top 2017 Release

Gucci Ace Low Top 2017

Gucci Ace Low Top 2017: Always something to keep track of in the luxury sneaker market. This time comes around the newest Gucci Ace Low Top 2017 sneaker. Tigers, bees, and sneakers will keep your eyes entertained along with their beautiful matching color tones. See if this is the newest sneaker to add to your shoe wardrobe. Continue Reading


Footwear Marketing Ads – January 2017

Footwear Marketing

Footwear Marketing Video Ads – January 2017: This month’s roundup of the latest footwear marketing videos includes Filling Pieces, Adidas, and Tod’s footwear. Continue Reading


Common Projects Achilles Low Shoe Review

Common Projects Achilles Low

Common Projects Achilles Low Shoe Review: I finally picked up my first Common Projects Achilles Low shoes. I received one of the original colors, grey and the shoe has been one of the more comfortable shoes I’ve purchased in a while. Why? Are they worth the price tag? And what’s all the hype of the minimalistic sneaker? See for yourself. Continue Reading


Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer Shoe Review

Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer

The Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer Shoe Review: Here is my review of my very first pair of Ferragamo shoes, the Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer. A versatile shoe that stands out with its Gancini metal bit. I really loved the look of the shoe but for the fit you will have to see if it works for you. Continue Reading