Swims Shoes: The Modern Waterproof Shoe

swims shoes brand

Swims Shoes: The Modern Waterproof Shoe. Swims comes from the functional mind of founder Johan Ringsdale, a Norwegian Parsons School of Design graduate who hated ruining his nice leather dress shoes in the rain. What resulted was Swims shoes, a company that launched in 2005 and has completely redone the concept of waterproof shoes. Continue Reading


Cole Haan ZeroGrand Shoes

Cole Haan ZeroGrand

It’s finally here. Another Cole Haan – Nike inspired mashup, also known as the Cole Haan ZeroGrand. No more of the Nike LunarGrand soles that initially inspired the first hybrid mixup of dress shoes and sneakers. Instead this next go around is about utilizing the Nike Free sole. What’s the difference? Quite a bit actually. Continue Reading


Extra Butter x Sperry Top-Sider: Beach Getaway

"Beach Getaway"

Extra Butter x Sperry Top-Sider: Beach Getaway, a refreshing collaboration for people looking for some new boat shoes this summer. With only 200 models being made of both the “Atlantic” boat shoe and “Sound” sneaker, these oceanic patterns and beach-side blues are sure to be a hit. Continue Reading


Transcreation: The New International Marketing Tool


Transcreation: You have probably never heard of the word transcreation, but it holds an important part of today’s global business world. Transcreation holds especially important and influential with the marketing and communications departments. Learn a little bit about this new marketing tool and a cultural adaptability skill set to better understand cultures today. Continue Reading