Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer Shoe Review

Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer

The Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer Shoe Review: Here is my review of my very first pair of Ferragamo shoes, the Ferragamo Regal Bit Loafer. A versatile shoe that stands out with its Gancini metal bit. I really loved the look of the shoe but for the fit you will have to see if it works for you. Continue Reading


Nike HyperAdapt 1.0: The Future of Footwear

Nike Hyperadapt 1.0

Nike HyperAdapt 1.0: The Future of Footwear: Nike has caused a commotion within the footwear industry and especially with sneakerheads in announcing the new Nike HyperAdapt 1.0. With a power-lacing system and rechargeable battery built within the shoe, the Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 will be one of the first examples of how the industry begins incorporating technology. Continue Reading


Fashion marketing Video Ads – November

Fashion Marketing Videos

Fashion Marketing Video Ads – November: The latest roundup of some of the latest fashion marketing video advertisements. Do these fashion marketing video ads connect? Continue Reading


Living In Their Own World: The Congo Dandies

Congo Dandies

The Congo Dandies: Down in the poverty stricken region of the Congo, lives another subculture known as The Congo Dandies who are thriving amidst their own worlds. With brightly colored designer suits, polished shoes, traditional Western etiquette and flamboyant behavior the Congo Dandies are known as a legacy in the area. Stop by to see what the Sapeur lifestyle is all about. Continue Reading


Top Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015

Spectre Danner Boot

Top Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015: Here is a list of my most recent recommendations for the Top Men’s Waterproof Shoes Fall 2015. Some may be brands you are already very familiar with and have countless pairs stacked in the closet. Otherwise, odds are you will more than likely discover some brands you’ve never heard of but could become your next go-to. Check out the list and share with others who may be on currently shoe hunting. Continue Reading


Stone Island Shadow Project & Winter 2015 Release

Stone Island Shadow Project & Winter 2015 Release: Stone Island continues to stay busy with its latest release of the Stone Island Shadow Project and its Winter 2015 collection. Take a peek at some of the newest collection as well as the tense marketing videos for the newest releases. Continue Reading